A Note About Community Interviews

By Cindy Minguez, 4 years ago
Hi, all. After the last community interview and all of the unkind comments that were made, I think a bit of clarification is in order.

Being part of the Community Interview has only three requirements:

1. The interviewee is a member of our community.
2. The interviewee has something interesting to say.
3. The interviewee is approved by the mods.

TA is made up of tens of thousands of people from varying age groups, lifestyles, and parts of the world, and it takes all of them for TA to exist. I'm not going to limit who may or may not be included because of the loudly vocal protestations of a few members.

Everyone has a story to tell. Most of those who have applied had something interesting to tell me. Those who didn't can try again later.

Finally, you have to get by the mods. The moderators here do very important work; they deal with trolling, flaming, and other issues that can ruin a forum like this one, and they do a great job. I run all of my interviewees past them, and if they say no, then it's a no. If you've caused the mods (and the community) lots of problems, I'm not going to put you on the front page.

And just to be absolutely clear, no one has ever been turned down for being a soldier. I deeply respect soldiers, but even they must be approved by the mods.

As the one running the community interview, I see it as my job to give the interviewee the stage and keep it clean, not to judge, spin, or take over. If you're being interviewed, I let you speak for yourself and include the pictures you send me on the logical assumption that these are what you want people to know about you. That's pretty much it. I try to keep it simple.

All that being said, I am currently not taking applications for the Community Interview. At present, I have a two-year waiting list of interviewees. If I'm still around after I've worked that down, I'll re-open applications. I just wanted you to know how it works.

While we're here, if anyone has questions you'd like to see included in the interviews, please post them or PM me. What questions would you like to see answered? Keep in mind that if you send impolite questions, I'm going to ignore you. wink

Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
Cindy has been writing for TA/TT for three years now and is the Assistant Manager of the Newshounds at TrueTrophies. She's an English instructor at a small college and considered a remarkably cool teacher for knowing all about Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Diablo III.