Titanfall Factions Revealed

By Andrew Ogley, 4 years ago
Just recently, we had to reveal the disappointing news about the delay for the Xbox 360 version of the hugely-anticipated shooter, Titanfall. Although we can't do much about the delay, at least we can bring you some more details about the factions and some of the characters that will feature in the game.

Faction: The IMC
Factions and Characters

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or IMC, is a sprawling commercial empire that started as a small company under the name of Hammond Engineering. Starting small, the company specialized in natural resource extraction, but within 15 years, the demand for Titan manufacturing materials, combined with the company's unique planetary survey technology and map database rights, led to explosive growth of company. After nearly a century of acquisitions and mergers, the once small Hammond Engineering has exploded into the huge conglomeration that it is today.

Whilst not having the cleanest of reputations, especially regarding exploitative behavior on the Frontier, there is little criticism from their shareholders and customers living in the Core Systems who enjoy the material conveniences and products provided by the IMC. With the Frontier’s valuable shipping lanes and vast planetary resources ripe for exploitation, the IMC is dedicated to maximizing profits and shareholder wealth, using the legal application of force when necessary.

Factions and Characters
In the IMC command structure, Vice Admiral Graves is formally known as the CINCFRONT, or Commander-in-Chief, Frontier Command. Despite the elaborate title, Frontier operations are notorious for their lack of adherence to traditional protocol, allowing Graves to personally command IMC forces in the field, and to operate far more informally than commanders in the Core Systems. Graves has a reputation as a maverick within the IMC. His calls for policy change have often been deemed too risky to IMC forces, and too lenient to Frontier citizens. During the inquiry into the Odyssey scandal, Graves maintained that the ship was forcibly commandeered by MacAllan and his band of mutineers.
Factions and Characters
Blisk is a South African mercenary working under a new long-term contract with the IMC on the Frontier, providing Combat Intel and Counterinsurgency services. His first contract concluded with his outfit making enough money to retire to a tropical paradise, but after considering the excellent pay, and more importantly, the opportunity to lay waste to everything in sight with state-of-the-art hardware, Blisk decided that the IMC’s offer of renewal was just too good to pass up.
Factions and Characters
Spyglass is a physical manifestation of the IMC’s vast computational network identity, handling logistics, navigation, deployment, and communications between all IMC forces on the Frontier. Spyglass units are built on a modified Spectre chassis and are considered expendable in the field, often accompanying ground forces aboard dropships to provide up-to-date mission information and live surveillance.
Faction: Militia
Factions and Characters

The Frontier Militia represents the military arm of the Frontier systems' territorial defense pact. The Militia is a loosely governed group of 'citizen soldiers' consisting of homesteaders, bandits, mercenaries, and pirates. Many homesteaders have taken on a ‘can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ attitude regarding working alongside different criminal groups, whilst unifying against a common enemy, and fighting against the IMC’s exploitation of the Frontier.

The Militia is loosely divided into Brigades with each Brigade being responsible for fighting in an assigned section of Frontier territory. The Marauder Corps, a.k.a. the M-COR, is a small part of a much larger Brigade tied to the Freeport System. Some brigades, unfortunately, have developed little further than vast pirate organizations, and yet the Militia has enough resources to obstruct and frustrate the IMC's ambitions on the Frontier.

Whilst the Militia maintains that direct action against the IMC is in the best interests of everyone including the homesteaders, not everyone on the Frontier sees it that way.

Factions and Characters
The name Bish is short for Bishamon, the mythological god of warriors within the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune. Bish is an IMC-trained electrical engineer, born and raised on Earth. After getting screwed over by the IMC on a Frontier job placement that cost him all his savings just to move out there, he ended up in the right place at the right time – the notorious ‘Bish bar brawl’ - to take the Militia’s timely offer of employment.

Bish now serves as a Combat Intel Specialist, remote hacking into IMC systems during combat on behalf of ground forces, tracking mission progress, and giving tactical guidance to Pilots on the ground.
Factions and Characters
A highly decorated veteran of the Titan Wars, MacAllan served as the executive officer of the IMS Odyssey, under the command of Vice Admiral Marcus Graves. The Odyssey’s mission was part of a peacekeeping operation on the Frontier for the IMC. Official IMC reports indicate that MacAllan led a mutiny aboard the Odyssey fifteen years ago, citing numerous grievances with the IMC’s treatment of Frontier citizens. However, these reports have not been proven, in the absence of the ship’s flight data recorder, which was lost when MacAllan and his people escaped with the Odyssey, and disappeared into an uncharted sector of the Frontier.
Factions and Characters
As a child, Sarah lost several close members of her family to incidents in which the IMC displaced Frontier citizens by force. As a result, she vowed to take revenge on the IMC at every possible opportunity, refusing to rest until they have been removed from the Frontier. For most of her career, she served in Covert Operations for the Militia, before moving into the command ranks of the Militia’s Marauder Corps. Her long list of successful attacks on IMC installations landed her on the IMC’s High Value Target List, where she remains listed as one of the 50 most dangerous Militia operatives still at large.
Titanfall will be released on Xbox One on March 11th in North America and March 13th in Europe. The Xbox 360 version will be released on March 25th in North America and March 28th in Europe
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