The Elder Scrolls Online Creates Dark Anchors

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Four months have passed since we last took a look at how ZeniMax Online Studios were creating After focusing on enemies such as the Scamp, Flame Atronach and Clannfear, the video series has taken a slightly different direction as it looks at Dark Anchors, an event that aims to bring players together to defeat a much larger evil.

Daedric Prince Molag Bal has plans for Tamriel and they aren't positive plans. He has created the Dark Anchors, immense constructions that initially look like innocent ruins until they are magically activated. Once activated, they tear through planar boundaries and release Daedra as all of Tamriel is pulled closer to doom and his Oblivion Plane of Coldharbour. The anchors will appear throughout the world and you will need to team up with other players to stand any chance of sending them back from whence they came.

Dark Anchors 1

When ZeniMax started creating the Dark Anchors, they were initially much smaller and local. However, if you want to create a feeling of impending doom and a world under threat, they must be huge and visible from a large distance. To open the anchors, a cultist summoning event must be performed.

Dark Anchors 3

Once opened, the Anchor drives massive chains into the ground and spews Daedra that have been pulled from Molag Bal's Oblivion. They immediately cause chaos within the surrounding area. Players must group together and push the monsters back to Oblivion, but encounters are rarely the same and this means that this task will not be easy. Among the variations that can happen are randomized special bosses, including the possibility of facing one of Molag Bal's generals. If the challenge isn't intimidating enough, Molag Bal will be constantly goading and laughing at you from above.

Dark Anchors 4

If their appearance isn't enough to strike a sense of dread into you, perhaps the accompanying sound will do just that. As well as the sound created by the massive chains, ZeniMax added the sounds of freight trains and pitched-down tubas to create the perfect "oh-no-it’s-the-end-of-the-world" sound. Take a look at the opening of a Dark Anchor.

While the developer is not quite ready to reveal the rewards that players will receive for sending these anchors back to Oblivion, they have hinted that it will involve things like "helping out the Fighters Guild, a set of achievements, special cosmetic gear, and more".

Dark Anchors 2

Be prepared to drive away evil when The Elder Scrolls Online is released on the Xbox One in June.
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