Bandfuse: Rock Legends DLC Gameplay

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
The first batch of Bandfuse: Rock Legends DLC tracks were released at the end of January. Developer Realta Entertainment definitely has plans for the future as we are still to see 13 of the promised 15 Jimi Hendrix tracks. One of those got a preview today. Here's a quick look at "Little Wing":

Graced like a feather from the musical heavens, Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" is one of the consummate masterworks of a true six-string avatar. Released in 1968 and still challenging players everywhere with its breathtaking collection of trademark techniques, "Little Wing" is a true American classic and one of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's most beloved and famous tunes. Look for thumb chording, melodically-rich double stops, and that trademark Jimi bending that reaches into your soul and caresses the heart as few artists can. This is Jimi at his absolute best.

We also got a quick peek at two more songs that are likely to be included in the next group of DLC tracks. First we get to see Chicago heavy metallers Disturbed and their 2008 tune "Inside the Fire".

Bathed in distortion and baptized in metal, Disturbed's "Inside the Fire" comes at your ears with the force of a runaway semi-truck loaded with explosives heading towards a fireworks stand. Guitarist Dan Donegan stands out on this sonic atomizer with a host of metal-standard techniques played honestly and executed masterfully. Brimming with down-tuned power chords and featuring a seriously killer diminished-flavored guitar solo, "Inside the Fire" has all of the key elements of a modern-day metal show-stopper.

Secondly we get a quick peek at classic rock band The Pretenders' 1982 hit "Back on the Chain Gang":

1982 was a bittersweet year for the Pretenders: after losing several key members of the band to the perils of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, these resilient rockers bounced back into the ears and hearts of fans everywhere with this upbeat chart-topper about resuming normalcy after facing unfortunate adversity. Positively alight with glistening chords washing over a peppy single-note melody, "Back on the Chain Gang" is an island of absolute harmonic joy that retains the freshness and vitality with which it was written. Tunes like this never go out of style, and we here at BandFuse are beyond stoked to welcome these Hall of Famers to the catalog. No pretending here, this is as raw, real, and legit as rock comes!

Although we don't have a definite release schedule for these tracks, with any luck there will be more DLC appearing at the end of this month too. The DLC is likely to be restricted to North America; despite being released in Japan, last month's DLC was not available to purchase in this region. We're still awaiting news on the game's arrival in other regions.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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