Iron Galaxy Talk Divekick Next Gen

By Ellis Spice, 4 years ago
Back in December of last year, Microsoft announced the developers that would be self-publishing on the Xbox One thanks to the ID@Xbox program. One of these developers was Iron Galaxy, who confirmed that their two button fighting game Divekick would be coming to the console, but announced no details on this release past that.

That changed yesterday in Iron Galaxy's '#eSports Hour' stream. In it, they confirmed that the Xbox One version is still something that will exist, and that it'll contain "console specific features", which could mean Kinect or Smartglass features being introduced to the Xbox One version of the game. They also announced that the next gen versions will feature "at least" one new area and character currently not found in current versions of the game. The stream is a long one, so if you want to go straight to the details about the next gen versions of the game, you'll want to skip to about 8:25 in the video:

Divekick does not currently have a set release date for the Xbox One.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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