Titanfall Trailers Galore

By Andrew Ogley, 4 years ago
For those gamers who have already completed the beta signup and are eagerly awaiting their invitation, we have a number of videos featuring gameplay from the upcoming beta, and revealing what you can expect from the hugely anticipated shooter Titanfall. There are four new clips with a combined running time of around 15 minutes and, although they focus primarily on the beta, it gives everybody a chance to see more of the multiplayer gameplay.

Hot on the heels of the previous developer video, the team over at Respawn have released a new clip in which they reveal why they are doing the beta, and some of the special features to look out for. They reveal previously unseen footage of the new game mode, entitled Last Titan Standing, and the concept behind Burn Cards -- temporary boost cards that only last whilst you're still standing.

The second clip comes from the Upload team and it shows what happened when a group of lucky uploaders were invited to a special preview event in London. Along with the gameplay footage, the privileged players give their insights and thoughts on the game.

The third clip, also from the Upload team, gives an overview of the title's three game modes: Attrition, Hardpoint Domination, and Last Titan Standing. The clip reveals gameplay for each mode and gives some details of how each are played.

Finally, to wrap everything up, the Upload team reveal some handy tips and tricks to get you started and allow you to hit the ground running. The clip introduces the Titan Rodeo and the Friendly Rodeo, shows how to take remote control of a titan, and even a reveals a finishing move when opposing titans get up close and personal.

Titanfall will be released on Xbox One on March 11th in North America and March 13th in Europe. Sadly, the Xbox 360 version will be released a little later on March 25th in North America and March 28th in Europe.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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