Gamer Spotlight: Aerodynamo

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Greetings! Welcome to the latest installment of TrueAchivement's Gamer Spotlight! This week's staff interview will focus in on Aerodynamo. A little background on Aerodynamo, he joined the site on September 30, 2008. That gives him that sweet looking yellow badge for Year 1s. Aerodynamo is the manager of the Newshounds and tries to keep up the image of a slave driver and merciless leader. Today, I would like to expose the soft truth.

dropK1CK ninJA: So Aerodynamo, that is a very unique gamertag. How did you come about choosing such a gamertag?

Aerodynamo: Well, it started around Warcraft 3. It was an RTS game I loved to play. My friend had implemented a model and unit which resembled flying goat legs with helicopter blades on the top--or "aerodynamic goatlegs". From there, I had to shorten it down for screenname purposes, so it became "Aerodynamo". The name just stuck! Don't you think?

What is your gaming history? When did you first pick up the joystick, so to speak?

I started playing on the Sega Genesis back when I was younger. My favorite games were Maximum Carnage and X-Men. I played every home and portable console since, and even went back to playing the originals when I discovered one when I was still pretty young... Super Mario RPG was awesome!

I spent hours with X-Men on the Genesis. Everyone knows that Gambit was the only character you played in that game. Okay, and Nightcrawler too. I wish they would release that game on the XBLA. Aside from the X-Men game on the Genesis, what has been some of the best translations of comic books into video games, in your esteemed opinion?

Ultimate Spider-Man was my favorite Spider-Man game all-around. It was amazing! They captured the comic and characters perfectly. Everything about the game was perfect--I played it over and over and spend many hours just swinging through the beautifully sculpted city.

Nerd alert, eh?

You have a nice diverse game history with your 360, what has been your favorite game thus far?

My favorite game is tough... I'll have to give my favorites on the platform. I'm a huge Halo fan (for those who don't know), so of course, Halo 3 takes the cake... The multiplayer access and customization makes for every game a fun time... I can't wait until Halo: Reach comes out!

I also think Red Dead Redemption was a blast, and thinking of other retail games I'm drawing a blank... Oh! The Assassin's Creed games are wonderful!

Portal was amazing, and my favorite XBLA title is Braid.

The ending to Red Dead Redemption was indeed a moment that will stick with me. No spoilers in the comments! How do you think Mr. John Marston got into the trouble he did? Discussing spoilers. That’s how.

What game has been a disappointment that you picked up?

Any game that N0RVY convinces me into playing.

No, more seriously, I'm disappointed with Dead Space so far, but respect it as a promising IP... and any Call of Duty game made by Treyarch. I won't buy any of their games anymore.

Treyarch makes me motion sick. I don’t have much of a stomach for their games either…

If there was one "retro" game, something from pre-360 era, that you would like to see a reboot, what game would it be?

I'm drawn instantly to Skies of Arcadia, an awesome game... I'm also super excited for Duke Nukem Forever to come out! ... what? It was cancelled? Are you serious? Crap... Someone should tell Marx0r!

There is this current thread heating up in the forums (The most ridiculous bosses in the history of gaming SPOILARZ) discussing the hardest boss in gaming history. Would you like to throw in your opinion on who the hardest boss was that stopped you from seeing that final cut scene?

Hardest boss, eh? Hm... I'm going to have to go with Lou from Guitar Hero 3.

Being around the site as long as you have, what has been your favorite feature implemented since your joining?

It's pretty funny... I'd like to say I've been involved with getting a lot of features implemented on the site, either by pestering TA or coming up with the idea originally... and with all that said, my favorite feature is the one that had nothing to do with me initially... the chatroom! That one is all Clever Jake. (He's got to be useful for something, right?)

If you had the power, at this very moment, to install some new radical idea, what would it be?

I'm always trying to get the community involved more with the site, so if I could, I would want to go way back to the idea that stylecounciller came up with way back in March 2009, called the TA Olympics. (link: TA Olympics)

I put a lot of ideas forth towards it and got myself really excited for it... I think it would make gaming sessions and gaming competitions on the site soooo much fun, and so very unique.

TA Olympics? Why bother? Americans will just takes gold. Unless we’re doing it to see who gets silver…

I noticed you're the Newshound Manager! Well, it isn't like you try to hide the title much Mr. Manager. Can you describe some of your roles as the Newshound Manager?

Well, primarily, I'm responsible for running the band of goons we call Newshounds on the site. I try to give them a comfortable amount of organization, but I mostly believe that if you keep your distance and help them when they need it, they can prosper on their own. I've been micro-managed before in my life--it's not fun.

Aside from making sure they are set with everything they could need and more (and pestering TA and CJ a few times a day), I like to run community events and projects whenever possible, and I'm also the guy in charge of opinion articles.

Will you be looking for any more goons to add to the staff? If so, how can one apply?

Keep your eyes peeled to the front page as it gets closer and closer to the end of July!

Can you describe some of the benefits and joys of working with the Newshounds? You know, dropK1CK ninJA does not have to be your first answer.

Well, I like to think that I am a good "boss" for the guys. I try to be fair, and I listen to all the input they could provide. If anything, I'd like to say that they run the department and I just sit on my ass and take credit, really. I think they are all great people, and if you have the pleasure of being on the team, you would agree.

Just between you and me, I try to make sure none of them know that they are doing good work, so they always work harder... but shh.

For those looking to contribute more to the site, whether in an official role or a newbie role, how would you encourage those users to be more active?

Be verbal. Communicate. Annoy the people who matter on this site--although do it in a reasonable way. When you have suggestions, sit on them, improve them, and use the appropriate channels on the site, such as the Site Wishlist and Bug Reports forum. If you send a PM to a staff member, make sure it is well composed and don't spam them to death. While this worked for me by spamming TA, I don't recommend it for most users.

Also, be active. Helping out the little guys around the site gives me lots of satisfaction, and it makes you noticed as a helpful individual--which is exactly what we want on all of our staff teams!

In that same sort of vein of thought, what do you think drives people to come back to this site?

The community! I mean, the chatroom, the forums, they are all unique places in the gaming world--there is NO gaming forum as quality as ours here, and I can say that without a doubt. We keep our troll numbers down (or we domesticate them, like Badly Worn Toy and and we have some of the best active members ever!

The chatroom is its own entity entirely... I mean, really, since that has been up, where else do you spend your time?

In some way, shape, or form, people are driven back here for the community. Whether it is the communication and interaction with other members, our the solutions and walkthroughs created by our very own. It's our community that makes this site awesome!

If someone had some type positive or negative feedback they wish to voice about your team, how would they go about doing that?

Send me a message! I check my inbox 24/7, and if I don't reply to you instantly, it's because I'm drunk thinking about how best to respond. I think many people could back up that I have record response times and very great responses altogether, and especially with non-Newshounds who give me feedback, I am open to suggestion and very willing to discuss with even an average gamer I've never played with or talked to before about their ideas.

If you are uncomfortable sending me a message, or your problem happens to be with me, send a message to Clever Jake. I realize some people might not be my biggest fan, or even a fan at all, and I'm open to criticism. It upsets me that you think you couldn't approach me, so long as you're being mature about the criticism and not looking to start a fight, but I've been in a situation where I feel uncomfortable talking to someone and would rather talk to their higher-up. Well, that's Jake! He'd love to take all of your messages, including fan mail.

If you are uncomfortable sending him a message, or your problem is with him, send a message to TrueAchievement.

Well, that concludes this interview. I am sure that Aero will be lurking in the comments and may take some follow-up questions. If not, feel free to shower him with love and praise. He deserves it. Until the next interview, stay classy TA.

This is the first edition of our Gamer Spotlight series of articles. Not all articles will feature Staff members. User nominations will take place in the future. At this time, please send any and all feedback to Aerodynamo so we can refine the article even better and make it enjoyable for everyone.