Achievement of the Week for February 14th

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
Before we get into our next Achievement of the Week challenge, let's debrief on last week's special contest, announce the winners, and see if we made a dent in the (already low) ratio of "The Power of the Atom" from Fallout 3.

On February 7th, 98,446 gamers (out of 125,049 on site) had unlocked "The Power of the Atom".
The achievement had a base score of 20G, a ratio of 1.13, and a TA score of 23.

Today, on February 14th 98,635 gamers (out of 125,262 on site) have unlocked the achievement.
"The Power of the Atom" retains its 1.13 ratio.

Normally this would be a cause for great sadness, but since there are prizes (generously donated by involved, let's reveal the winners!


You will all be receiving PMs shortly!

This week's challenge is going to move us from the post-apocalypse to the front lines of a different kind of war.

IB 1

That's right, this week's challenge comes from Iron Brigade, one of this past November's "Games with Gold". This achievement is going to require to bring a couple of friends, maybe make a few new ones, and set up a gaming session.

Iron BrigadeBattle BudsThe Battle Buds achievement in Iron Brigade worth 39 pointsComplete 10 Missions with 2 or more players.

Today, on February 14th, 9,185 gamers (out of 28,251 on site) have unlocked the achievement.
"Battle Buds" has a base score of 20G, a ratio of 1.75, and a TA Score of 35.

The top solution for "Battle Buds" comes from zombit74 who offers the following advice:

This one is easy just Complete 10 Missions with 2 or more players, it doesnt matter which one you complete so if you are trying to grind this the first levels are the fastest. this achievment glitched on me and unlocked after my 14 or 15 complete wins.
Good Luck and I'll see you on the front!
Jonathan Barnes
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