X-Ray Sniping in Sniper Elite 3

By Marc Caccamise, 4 years ago
It can be fascinating at times to look at the intricate parts of the anatomy of the human body. Perhaps even more so when it's a virtual representation of a well placed sniper bullet causing severe carnage. That premise is the basis of the new Sniper Elite 3 trailer, which highlights the improvements to the brutal x-ray kill-cam feature.

In Sniper Elite V2 there were three body layers to the individual characters: the skin, bones, and the organs. Sniper Elite 3 will expand upon this with two additional layers: a muscle and tissue layer, and a full circulatory system layer, thereby adding a lot of carnage to the shots. The previous layers have also been reworked, allowing now for dynamic bone fracturing, and 3D blood particles and splatters. Kill-cams will also work on the different vehicles in the game, such as shooting a truck's engine block and watching as the mechanisms get torn up.

Sniper Elite 3 does not have a confirmed release date, but will launch on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2014.
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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