Dragon Age 2 Videos and More on Dialogue

By dropK1CK ninJA, 9 years ago
A few days ago, news got around that Dragon Age 2's dialogue system had been distilled down to three simple conversation options. You had, good, nasty, and badass options for Hawke's dialogue tree. If reading the comments section on our news piece was any indication on how gamers felt about this streamlined system then the result is a big pile of disappointment.

Mike Laidlaw, Dragon Age 2's Lead Designer, had some comments about IGN's preview of the dialogue system:
I'm not really sure where the "there are only three options for dialog" impression they got came from. Perhaps it was when I showed one half of the dialog wheel with three options...which, you know, leaves another half open for...you know...other....options. *Shrug*

Also probably worth noting that we're not locked into specific icons per place in the wheel. Oh no. We have -much- more flexibility than that. We're like gymnasts.

Does this mean they do cartwheels to office meetings? Or some wild tumble moves? I digress.

Craig Graff, Dragon Age 2 developer, also chimed in with some more to add on Dragon Age 2's dialogue tree:
We put up to 5 choice options and 5 investigate options per dialog node. There is also a difference between choices (where you are actually deciding something) and giving you the opportunity to express yourself in different ways (which I think is quite cool, but not something I believe we have released any details on yet).
Whew! We can all step back from that edge, my friend.

GameInformer has a new video up, footage that was shown at Comic-Con, of some early cinematic work being done for the game. The video also includes some gameplay. It is a nice behind the scenes look at how they are approaching the sequel.

Note: There seems to be some synchronization issues between the audio and video of the video.

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