TA Gaming Stats - February 10th to 16th 2014

By Chewie, 4 years ago
This report is for the period February 10th to February 16th 2014.

Howdy folks and welcome to the Stats for the middle of February. The new releases are starting to pick up (slightly) but the numbers aren't exactly bursting at the seams. Unlike Tasman, one of my Statisticle Ewok helpers, who thought he'd make a more efficient statistician if he decided to eat all the numbers and poop out the finished tables, so then proceeded to consume printed copies of stats from across the entire website. I think I need to expand the pool for my Statisticles breeding programme...

Games Started
27,066 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 39,578 games between them (1,920 different games).

Last week I predicted that The LEGO Movie Videogame (Xbox One) would do a lot better in the tables this week thanks to a wider release. Well, I was right, as it jumps from eighth place with 260 starters to the top of the table with over 500. As a result, Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition slips into second, which is not helped by dropping from over 830 to 450 starters.

Top Xbox One Games Started

As this week's main new release, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII takes in nearly 1,800 starters. Like on the One table, The LEGO Movie Videogame does better this week than last thanks to a wider release. However, its numbers aren't quite as high, getting 300 starters compared to the One's 500.

Last week's new release, Fable Anniversary, slips down from second to third and loses a substantial 2,000 starters. It remains behind the free "Games with Gold" title, Dead Island (Xbox 360), in second with 1,500 starters.

This week's deal titles are no where to be seen, with NBA 2K14 and Fable II completely absent.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Started

Although it's been hanging around on the tables for a few weeks thanks to a beta period and soft release, this is the first stats since World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition has been officially released to the masses. And it takes the table by storm. Taking over 5,300 starters, the free-to-play strategy tank title proves popular. Is it because it's really great? Because there haven't really been that much in the way of new releases recently? Or just because it's free? Let me know in le comments. Another new release of the week gets significantly fewer starters, with Far Cry Classic in fourth with only just over 300. I'm a little surprised at the number considering the series' popularity, but I guess it is pretty dated now. It still does better than the third new release, the 360 version of LocoCycle, which is nowhere to be found.

Although it's only free for the last two days of this stats period, the next "Games with Gold" title Toy Soldiers: Cold War pulls in almost 1,500 starters in those two days, suggesting it's going to be a pretty popular one.

Top Arcade Games Started

Proving a more popular deal title than the last few weeks' offerings, the cute fluff-balls of Kinectimals (WP) grab almost 325 starters in first place. I tried the game myself, but the darned things keep dying on me. And I didn't even think that was possible! Last week's deal title, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (WP) slips into second but maintains decent enough numbers with almost 100 starters. The rest of the table is the standard free-to-play fare.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
7,005 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 9,770 games between them (1,325 different games).

Thanks to the recent sale boosting the number of starters, Locoycle remains by far the most completed game on the One, with almost 175 completions this week, down only 30 from last week. Proving that old adage "there's nowt such an easy completion as a LEGO game, my son" The LEGO Movie Videogame takes second place with just one off 100 completions. The "Onslaught" DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One) continues to boost its completions and maintains its third place position.

Top Xbox One Games Completed

Last week I said the numbers would rise for the Fable Anniversary completions and this week they go from 125 to over 430. I'm on a roll. With so many completions, it easily leads the way, with a double dose of LEGO in second and third. Like the started table, LEGO Movie does well but not quite as well as its One equivalent, taking just over 60 completions. The rest of the completions on the table are so low, even Dark Souls sticks around in tenth after appearing last week. That's pretty shocking. Where are all the completionists? I guess they've already completed everything.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Completed

The "Smoke and Mirrors" episode of The Wolf Among Us continues to give the game solid completions in first place, although it halves its numbers from 1,630 to 820.

Top Arcade Games Completed

As one of the easier games on the platform, Pac-Man CE DX continues to pull in the high completions thanks to its recent batch of new players. This week's deal title, Kinectimals, doesn't pull in high completions in ninth with almost 25, despite a decent completion percentage (over 42% of players have finished it). This could be due to the photo sharing function in the game now being disabled, making the farming of gold now more of a grind. Not for me though, for me it's because they're all dead.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
64,173 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 720,473 achievements online between them (52,125 different achievements).

Lightning Returns makes a strong showing with five spots, including the top four. The Need a Hand achievement for joining an online session in Dead Island continues to be popular in fifth. The rest of the table is filled by Fable Anniversary with a selection of early game achievements.

Top Retail Achievements Won

Tanks and soldiers fill the table, with World of Tanks in the top seven and Toy Soldiers in eighth and ninth. Breaking Point for completing the second chapter of "Smoke and Mirrors" in The Wolf Among Us keeps the table from being entirely war-based in tenth.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

It's all about the Kinectimals, with nine of the game's fifteen achievements filling up the spots, apart from a solitary Pac-Man one at the bottom.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Last week saw Dead Island and Fable Anniversary push Role-Playing up into second place. This week, Lightning Returns ensures it stays there, maintaining almost 4.7 million. Like last week, most of the other genres see a dip in numbers. Adventure sinks back down from seventh to tenth after The Wolf Among Us's boost last week. This week, it's the turn of Strategy to get the boost, from tenth to seventh with a jump of 415,000 to over 800,000 thanks to World of Tanks.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure6,237,994
  • Role-Playing4,645,110
  • Shooter3,667,897
  • Action2,474,602
  • Sports1,397,661
  • Racing962,100
  • Strategy801,046
  • Platformer535,115
  • Puzzle473,381
  • Adventure470,007

That's all the Stats I have time for this week. Join us next week to see if the likes of Strider, Earth Defense Force 2025, Takedown: Red Sabre and Rambo: The Video Game can do better than the many, many sale games on offer over the week. Somehow, I doubt it...
Written by Chewie
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