Mars' Chosen Pack DLC Coming Soon for Ryse

By Keith Gray, 4 years ago
After entering the arena as a launch title for the Xbox One, Ryse: Son of Rome then received an update in December to add new features to the game's Gladiator Mode, as well as additional character skins.

Crytek has now unveiled details of the latest DLC for the action-packed, blockbuster title. The "Mars' Chosen Pack" will add five new maps named Firestorm, Dockyard, Courtyard, Pyramid, and Obelisk. The first three maps have been created specifically for the introduction of the brand-new Survival Mode. Pyramid and Obelisk are suited to the already-available Arena Mode.

Dockyard MapDockyard Map

Firestorm MapFirestorm Map

Obelisk MapObelisk Map

Pyramid MapPyramid Map

Survival Mode rewards a fast-paced approach to battle with the odds of survival gradually shortening, as the following description suggests:

In Survival mode, there is only one objective: battle alongside a fellow gladiator against endless waves of barbarians as your health gradually drains. The only way to regain health and keep death at bay is with quick kills and brutal executions, but the longer you survive, earning more gold and experience with each wave successfully cleared, the faster your health depletes.
The Legionary will also be added as an extra character skin within the premium content.

The "Mars' Chosen Pack" scheduled for release on February 28th, priced at $8.99USD (or regional equivalent). Ahead of the DLC's arrival, you can purchase the full game digitally at a reduced price in the latest Games on Demand sale, between today and February 24th.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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