Achievement Preview Spotlight: THIEF

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
It's a big release week next week with three relatively major games hitting shelves. While I'm sure a few of you would rather me spend my time dissecting zombies, plants, or vampires, we're going to spend this week getting sneaky with Garret and the release of THIEF on both the 360 and the Xbox One.

18/8/13 - Thief Artwork

This APS will be focusing on the achievements for the Xbox One version of THIEF, not because it's shinier, but because they're scanned into the site while the achievements for the 360 version are (at this time) not. If history holds, however, you can expect the lists to be identical.

With that in mind, the great news is that THIEF features NO secret achievements, so completionists can check the entire list before committing. There are nine achievements based on completing chapters as well as some really-fantastically designed pops that will probably keep you coming back for more challenges. Let's dive in.

With a name like THIEF, it's a safe bet that you'll be pilfering your fair share of items. The top of the achievement list is almost a gimme in that it's expected and welcome.

Obsessive Compulsive in THIEF
Steal all loot and collectibles in a single chapter.

With eight chapters (and a prologue, which may or may not count), you will have ample opportunity to pop this achievement throughout the game.

While Garret does have combat skills, his true talents lie in being sneaky and one with the shadows. This next achievement reflects on the challenge of playing in true Garret style.

Mint Condition in THIEF
Finish 3 consecutive chapters without taking damage

Best save often and be prepared to reload points.

The next achievement is a bit odd in its construction. I can honestly say I've never seen one quite like it.

More Heist Less Speed in THIEF
Finish the game in 15 hours or more

It's not unusual for games to have achievements tied to time trials necessitating you to go fast, but this is the opposite, an achievement that encourages you to take your time, thoroughly explore, and really get comfortable in Garret's shoes. Kudos to Eidos Montreal for thinking a bit outside the box and kudos to you, gamer, for not just standing around in the luscious environments and walking away while your box idles.

Much ink has been spilled about Garret's focus ability which can be compared to Corvo's "Dark Vision" in one of THIEF's spiritual successors, Dishonored. This next achievement will reward those who cast aside these new-fangled powers and go for a more old-school approach.

Clear Headed in THIEF
Clear Headed141 (30)
Reach the final chapter without using the focus ability

I would expect this achievement to have a very solid and respectable ratio for those who dare to try it.

While on the subject of high-ratio achievements, there appears to be no shortage of contenders in THIEF. From finishing the game on Master difficulty to using 40,000 gold all the way to completing all collectible sets, there really are some nice achievements to reward those who relish a slower-paced game and thorough exploration. The achievement that's sure to provide the biggest bang for the pop, however, involves the previously-covered custom difficulties.

Something to Prove in THIEF
Finish the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more

Depending on the options you choose to turn on or off, acquiring 700 points could be one of the tougher challenges of this new generation.

I'm going to slap a big "Completionists Beware" sticker on THIEF. This game is one that appears to require several playthroughs (or at least partial playthroughs) as well as a few achievements that have that "pesky" look about them. That being said, gamers who enjoyed Dishonored and the Deus Ex series may want to give THIEF a closer look and decide for themselves when it's released next week.

If there's an upcoming game or DLC pack that you'd like to see featured in the Achievement Preview Spotlight, be sure to let us know in the comments!
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