Welcome to Xbox One's OneDrive

By Marc Hollinshead, 4 years ago
In case you haven't had the chance to use it yet, the Xbox One's OneDrive has officially been made worldwide, and has come with a bunch of new features so everyone can get the most out of the app.


With the OneDrive, you are able to share your best gaming moments from your Xbox One through a very easy process. Simply use the Game DVR to capture any moment you wish, and then edit and personalise them in the Upload Studio. From there, you can use the OneDrive to share these clips with the Xbox Community or any other website like Facebook or YouTube. The app also lets you take your clips wherever you go so with the use of the cloud, it's as easy as lounging on your bed to share clips from the device of your choosing.

Another feature that the OneDrive offers is the chance to view photos and slideshows straight from your console. Any videos that you have stored can also be played instantly as well. With the auto-upload function on Android, iOS and Windows Phones, the OneDrive can immediately take you to those desired pictures on your TV without a second of waiting.

With the release of the Xbox One, many of the apps have received achievements. The OneDrive is no different. Here's a list of some of the achievements and challenges that can be earned for reaching certain milestones on the app:

-Week one winner – Open OneDrive on Xbox One in the first week
-Week one wizard – Play 20 photos in a slideshow from your camera roll in the first week
-Hope those aren't all selfies… – View 10 photos from your camera roll
-Long exposure – View 100,000 photos
-On a roll – Watch five hours of slideshows
-Now you're thinking with folders – Add a shared folder to OneGuide
Still not convinced? How does this sound?

But how much cloud storage does OneDrive give you? When you get a OneDrive account you get 7 GB of free storage. Today, there is a new program where OneDrive customers can go from 7 GB up to 15 GB for free by enabling their camera roll backup (3 GB) and inviting their friends (up to 5 GB in 500 MB increments).
To finish, the OneDrive team are celebrating the launch of the app by giving 100,000 lucky people 100 GB of storage for one year, no charge. I could use 100 GB of storage for my 360 hard drive right about now...

Xbox One owners will now notice the re-named app on their console. To learn more about it, take a look here. You can also learn more about the 100 GB promotion by following the team on Twitter.
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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