Stefen's first column

By SjF, 9 years ago
Hello and welcome to the first edition of a new regular article - Stefens' Blog (original huh?)

First off, I may as well introduce myself so I don't seem like a robot to you all - my name is Stefen and I recently turned 19 so I may or may not have been sober for the last few days wink. I live in England, however my online time tends to match those of an American as I do the majority of my work at night (everything seems so much more peaceful that way).

Just so you know, this edition of Stefens' Blog is first and foremost going to be about myself, so if the above paragraph bored you, I suggest clicking that back arrow on your browser around about now smile.

I have been playing games ever since I can remember, from around the age of 4 or 5, spending hours trying to beat my father on Super Hang-on and Italia 90. My favourite game from my childhood would have to be one of the titles from either the N64 or the Dreamcast. The era when these consoles came out was when I really started getting into gaming, firstly because I sucked at chatting up girls, and secondly, I lived miles from most of my school friends.

My 3 fondest games that I played to death were Mario64, Wave Race and Sonic Adventure. All three of these games gave me endless enjoyment, and I don't think I would still be gaming today if it wasn't for them.
Now however, my gaming habits have completely changed - I am hooked on FPS, driving and rhythm games, from Guitar Hero to Call of Duty, nothing makes me smile more than shooting a little whining kid in the head, or nailing that damn BYOB song on expert smile.

If you're still reading this far, I think you deserve some type of achievement, not many people tend to listen to me rant about myself, so well done! I only have one more subject I'd like to bring to your attention, and hopefully, if you're a racing fan like myself, you'll be glad to hear this news:

As you may or may not be aware, Codemasters secured the license to produce Formula One games around May/June last year, and have issued statements announcing a multi-platform game for 2009, I am stoked! I used to play countless hours on the Playstation and PS2's F1 games, along with the F1 career game that was released on Xbox. I am an avid F1 fan, so back in 2007 when the official Formula One game was released exclusive to the damn PS3 I was gutted! In fact, I was so gutted that I've been trying to persuade my friend to buy the game for the past god-knows how many months, just because its a F1 game.

However, I am now over the moon that a decent development company has gotten control of the franchise, as Codemasters (the geniuses behind Colin McRae DiRT and GRID) are, in my opinion, the best racing game developers around. If you're interested and would like more info on this upcoming game which will hopefully be hitting the stores around summer this year, here is a link to the official forum “FIA Formula One World Championship” :

Thanks a lot for reading the first edition of Stefens' Blog, I hope you enjoyed it, next time could possibly include some of the following:

-SjF's gaming re-cap
-Blast from the past - SjF's day on the NES
-Name the retro game from the screenshot.
-Video blog's

+ if there is anything you would like me to talk about, or any questions you have, please PM me