Three Radicals Joins Project CARS

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Slightly Mad Studios are aiming to make their upcoming racing simulator the best, most realistic experience for driving fans to enjoy upon the game's release. In order to help them accomplish this, the game developers have already signed a variety of big-name automakers such as BMW, RUF, Mercedes, McLaren, and more! Joining the fancy names announced so far, British Prototype manufacters, Three Radicals, are now joining forces with Slightly Mad Studios to bring their unique vehicles to the game for all to enjoy.

Project CARS will feature three of Radicals' cars that will be accessible in the game's upcoming career mode. These newly announced vehicles will provide a challenging and thrilling drive for those brave enough to get behind the wheel of these prototypes. Let's take a look at the Radical SR3 RS, the company's most successful car so far, which comes stuffed with 260 brake horse power and a silky 1500cc four-cylinder engine:

Built on a spaceframe chassis, over 800 SR3s have been built in various configurations, making the SR3 the most successful entry-level prototype on the market.
Radical SR3 RS

Is the SR3 not packing enough horses for you? Well then, why not upgrade yourself to the faster and more powerful version of the SR3, this being the Radical SR8 RX! Fit with a monstrous 2.7 litre V8 engine that keeps drivers firmly pinned back in the driving seat thanks to 430bhp! Check out the screen of the SR8:

Radical SR8 RX

Lastly, but most certainly not least, the RXC Turbo is a new and upcoming model to round off the Radicals' three vehicles and is the fastest out of the collection. With the biggest engine and most horsepower, check out the juicy details and screen below:

Powered by a Ford Ecoboost 3.5 liter Turbo engine providing 460hp, the RXC differs from the other two Radicals in two important ways:

Unlike the other two Radicals in Project CARS, the RXC is a coupe instead of an open-top car. Another main difference is that the RXC is fully road-legal, making it a very potent competitor for the other road-going sports cars in Project CARS.
RXC Turbo

Project CARS remains set for release on Xbox One this fall.
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