Tiger Woods 10 - Final Chance to Play the Pros

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Public Service Announcement: this week is your very last chance to get the Tough at the Top in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 achievement!

The achievement requires you to play in the online Play-the-Pros tournament mode, only available to play when EA schedules an event. The achievement has been unobtainable for quite a while now, no sign of any of those tournaments, but there will be one final tournament starting on the 29th July at 6am ET.

The tournament offers four rounds of 18 holes, though you only need to play one of them to get your achievement. The tournament will run for four days, ending on Sunday. Needless to say, you'd best get on there as quick as possible and net that achievement!

One of the moderators on the official EA forums posted the following:
Ok guys, due requests here and a bit of arm twisting from yours truly, there will be one last Play-the-Pros tourney for TW10. So anyone still wanting that trophy/achievement, this week is your FINAL chance.

So have at, get your trophy/achievement and then go buy TW11 as that is where online tournament support will remain until the next version comes out.

Special thanks to the EA dev team for listening to this request.
Cheeky plug for TW11 aside, I personally think it's absolutely fantastic to see any company (especially considering it's EA!) listen to their fans like that and offer a last shot for everyone to get their achievement. Kudos to them!
Credit for this story goes to flyingmario5404