Twitch Streaming Coming to Xbox One in March

By Marc Caccamise,
When the Xbox One released back in November, it came with some unfortunate news. While the Twitch streaming app was available right away, the ability to stream right from the console had been delayed. Even though it has been enjoyable to snap streams to the side of the screen while playing a game, there has been a very apparent void due to the fact that streaming at any time you want hasn't been available. The good news is that this will soon be a problem of the past.

Streaming 2 2/25/14

Beginning on March 11th, users will be able to begin live broadcasting right from their Xbox One. As a bonus, the One's Twitch app will also enjoy console-exclusive features. With the power of Kinect, players who have already completed the set-up of their Twitch account will be able to simply say "Xbox, Broadcast" to begin streaming their gameplay, even while in the middle of already playing. Kinect's camera will allow users to very easily incorporate a picture-in-picture of themselves, as well as an audio commentary to go along with the broadcast. You can also chat with friends outside of your broadcast, by simply inviting them to a private party. Once you're done with your stream, you can also archive it into your own personal Twitch channel.

Streaming 1 2/25/14

For those who enjoy watching more than streaming, some new enhancements are coming your way as well. If you have a favorite streamer that you want to keep tabs on, you now can, as you'll be able to view their gamer card and follow them. Following these streamers will allow you to keep tabs on what they're doing in the friends app and activity feed, and you can even set-up notifications for when they begin streaming. Viewers will now be able to engage with others while they watch, as a complete chat stream, with up to ten chat lines at a time, will now be visible. Users can also choose their chat name color and post emoticons in their message as well.

For those who have been dying to finally get to stream on your Xbox One, your wait is almost over! This little game you may have heard of called Titanfall just happens to release on March 11th as well, so the timing couldn't be more perfect.

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