XBL Content Roundup: February 26th, 2014

By Rebecca Smith,
After all of yesterday's releases, today will seem quiet. We have one new Xbox LIVE Arcade release with promised free DLC, plus DLC for a retail title that was seemingly forgotten yesterday.

Xbox LIVE Arcade Games

The time has arrived for players to brush up on their PAC-Man history.

Pac-Man Museum
Size: 229.62 MB
Price: US$19.99 / £15.99 / €19.99 / AU$26.95
Pac-Man Museum is now on Xbox Live! Pac-Man Museum includes 9 classic Pac-Man arcade games, including the original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man games that spread Pac-Man Fever around the world in the 1980s. PAC-MAN stars in a nostalgia-packed collection of the greatest PAC-MAN games of all time. PAC-MAN MUSEUM will include classic PAC-MAN titles as well as newer releases, allowing gamers to play through the evolution of PAC-MAN from his humble beginnings from 1980 through current hits like PAC-MAN Championship Edition and PAC-MAN Battle Royale. To celebrate debut of "PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures", the characters from the cartoon have burst into PAC-MAN MUSEUM! Head to the Pac-Room to check out more than 70 characters and items! Challenge your friends and the best players in the world on your favorite PAC-MAN games with worldwide leaderboards. PAC-Mania lives! Whether it's your first time playing or you are a Pac-Man expert, catch up on your Pac-Man history! It's fever time!
XBLA DLC without Achievements

This DLC add-on is free until March 31st. After that date, the DLC will be priced at US$4.99 / £3.39.

Pac-Man Museum
Download "Ms. PAC-MAN" for free for a limited time (3/31/14)!! Namco's Ms. PAC-MAN is one of the most popular video games in American arcade history! Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent outrunning ghosts and chomping dots? Re-live the retro action with the queen of the arcades!
Retail DLC without Achievements

Nobody has yet managed to complete this game and, if history is repeating itself, nobody is likely to complete this game for quite a while yet. Despite this, you want additional content, don't you?

Earth Defense Force 2025
• "Mission Pack 2" – US$8.99 / £7.19 / €8.99 / AU$11.95
The 2nd round of Mission Packs with 20 additional missions. You will be able to play additional missions with difficulty levels that are about middle to late game content in the original game. You can play both offline with 1 to 2 players, and online with up to 4 players in online co-op. You will also find 5 levels of difficulties for each of the missions.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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