Pre-Release Game Forums

By Rich Stone, 4 years ago
Hi TAers!

It recently occurred to me when playing the Titanfall beta (which, by the way, looks !*$?% awesome!) that we don't have game-related forums to discuss pre-release games.

We've had the Game Discussion Forum for a while now, which contains subforums for games that have achievement lists, but I thought it was time to extend that to pre-release games too.

So now for all pre-release games, as you'll see if you look at the LEGO The Hobbit homepage, you'll see an additional Forum tab.

This tab will contain threads about the game from the Game Discussion forum, it will also pull in all the news related to that game as well. You can also subscribe to these pre-release boards just like any other.

As well as that, I've added a Mark All Threads as Read option to the Forum dropdown on Forum pages. This is a quick way for you to remove a load of posts from your unread list.

Finally, there is a setting to auto-add the forum of games you start to your forum list in My Settings - this wasn't working properly but is now fixed.

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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