Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Coming to Consoles

By Chewie, 5 years ago
Almost exactly a year ago, Rebellion brought Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army to PCs. A spin-off of 2012's popular Nazi melon-popper, Sniper Elite V2, with an undead twist, the game proved so popular that Rebellion worked on a dedicated sequel, which they released that Halloween.

Now, to celebrate over half a million sales of the spin-off series in the year since its launch, Rebellion have confirmed that they are working on bringing the games to consoles. CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley stated:

We can’t say much yet but it won’t just be a re-package of the first two games - there will be plenty of new content to get stuck into.

Like many independent developers, we’re still learning the ropes and having a lot of conversations with the platform holders. We’re not at the stage where we can confirm the platforms right now, but we’re fortunate to have experience already from self-publishing on Steam and mobile, so we’re confident it’ll go smoothly.
Confirmation of exactly which consoles this announcement relates to, as well as a proposed release date for the title, remain forthcoming. Sniper Elite 3, the next iteration of the main series, is due on 360 and One later this year.
Written by Chewie
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