Metro 2033 DLC Release Date and Price Announced

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Originally announced back in May, news on the upcoming Metro 2033 DLC has been non-existent. So it's a bit out of the blue that THQ have today announced that the Ranger Pack will be releasing next Tuesday. Yep, August 3rd! Not only that, but the content will only set you back a meager 240 MSP.

Adding new achievements totalling 250G, THQ briefly summed up the DLC with these words:

The Ranger Pack adds new weapons, new achievements and the deadly ‘Ranger Mode’ game rules. In standard Ranger Mode, ammo is dramatically reduced and all weapons cause more damage. Your foes are deadlier than ever – but so are you!

‘Ranger Hardcore’ adds an additional challenge as the HUD is totally removed, creating the most immersive Metro 2033 experience yet. Rise to the challenge with two new weapons – the Heavy Automatic Shotgun, and the Volt Driver, Miller’s signature gun.