Capcom Makes Available Characters & New DLC

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Capcom has decided to allow those new to the Lost Planet franchise to enjoy some new characters in Lost Planet 2. Those that had still had Lost Planet 1 saves on their harddrive when they loaded up Lost Planet 2 were allowed to use Dead Rising's Frank West (requiring an additional Dead Rising save) or Resident Evil's Albert Wesker (requiring an additional Resident Evil 5 save) for their frigid arctic adventure.

Probably due to slower sales and the fact you are required to have some odd criteria, Capcom has now made these characters available to the public. You just need to go through some old-school cheat code hoops.

What you must do is on the "MY PAGE" or "MY CHARACTER" screen press the 'Y' button and then press the X button to open a password box. From there if you wish to play as Frank West enter 83561942 or if you wish to play as Albert Wesker enter the digits 72962792.

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Capcom also announced today that a new 'Rush Arena' mode and a new skin is available to purchase for 240 MSP. Rush Arena is a new game mode where you can get a team of 4 players together and attempt to take down all the bosses from the campaign one after another.

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This new skin is called 'Post Modern'. Here is a quick snapshot of it in action:
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