New Two Worlds 2 Trailer

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
SouthPeak Interactive has released a new trailer for their follow-up game Two Worlds 2. The trailer is fully narrated to help you follow along in the intense action and describing the lush environments (that tongue-in-cheek, so we can clear that up right now). The trailer is interesting, none-the-less and it does appeal to gamers on an Oblivion type of level, but one wonders if the sequel will be better than the original 'meh' game, or if SouthPeak took the time to polish this game and fix some of the game mechanics.

The trailer does show off combat action, monsters you will encounter, and some of the places you will visit. A "few" of the "many" classes was shown off during the trailer including the soldier, assassin, and mage. There may or may not have been a brief appearance by Gandolf the Grey in the trailer and the classic rule "the less a woman wears the higher her armor class is" appears to be in full effect.

Here is hoping that this turns out to be a solid and fun game. We don't have enough fantasy RPGs out there.
Credit for this story goes to Zonrith1