Blood of the Werewolf Reveals Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Blood of the Werewolf has travelled a rocky road towards a console release. Despite the game's release on Steam five months ago, developer Scientifically Proven had to find another publisher before the game could be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Midnight City stepped up to the plate and the game is finally due to be released in just a few months. Meanwhile, Microsoft has released a new set of screenshots for people to browse while they wait for the title's release:

8/3/14 Screen 1

8/3/14 Screen 2

8/3/14 Screen 3

8/3/14 Screen 4

8/3/14 Screen 5

8/3/14 Screen 6

8/3/14 Screen 7

8/3/14 Screen 8

8/3/14 Screen 9

8/3/14 Screen 10

8/3/14 Screen 11

8/3/14 Screen 12

8/3/14 Screen 13

8/3/14 Screen 14

8/3/14 Screen 15

Head out on a quest to gain revenge when the game is released in Q2 2014.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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