2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Game Mode Details

By Rebecca Smith,
Just a few days ago, we had another deluge of screenshots for EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Despite this, we've had very few details on the game itself since its announcement on February 6th. EA Sports has ended this drought with details on six of the game modes from which players will be able to choose when they pick up the game next month.


Road to the FIFA World Cup

Most people only see the teams taking part in the World Cup tournament without realising that many more took part in the qualifying rounds beforehand. This mode lets players lead any of the 203 World Cup teams (including Nepal) through the qualifiers and on to glory in the cup finals. The EA SPORTS Talk Radio team will be on hand to provide country-specific tournament updates as you progress; there are over 50 hours of dialogue that can be adapted to account for your team's performance. Fans will also be present in over 15 locations, such as "London’s Trafalgar Square, Moscow’s St. Basil Cathedral and even the National Mall in Washington DC", to cheer on your progress. This mode will allow up to 32 players to play locally.

Road to Rio de Janeiro

Similar to the Online Seasons mode from FIFA 14, this online mode sees players' teams starting at the Arena da Amazônia in the Brazilian city of Manaus. The matches get more challenging as their team progresses through all 12 of the World Cup venues in the bid to reach Rio's Estádio do Maracanã and a chance for the FIFA World Cup Trophy. If you win matches, you can move forward. Lose and you will be relegated.


Captain Your Country

This mode will be familiar to anybody who has played 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Pick a player and work his way back from injury, or create a future captain and prove that he is worthy of his place on the team. If you want to keep the role of Captain, you will need to impress both the manager and the fans. This mode now adds an auto-positioning system so that new players will not be caught out of position at the worst possible time.

Story of Finals

Just one hour after the final whistle of every match within the World Cup finals, EA Sports will issue online challenges based on the results of those matches that cover a wide range of scenarios. Players may have to replicate a score-line, change the outcome of the match or, perhaps, win the match with a clean sheet. If you complete these challenges, the XP that you earn can be used in FIFA 14.


2014 FIFA World Cup

A good old-fashioned football tournament. Players can play through the World Cup competition from the Group stage all the way through to the Finals. Available both online and offline, all players will get a chance to lift that World Cup trophy.

Story of Qualifying

Beginning in June 2011 and ending in November 2013, 820 qualifying matches were played. While players will not be able to replay all of these, EA has chosen over 60 of the most memorable matches, such as Colombia’s three goal comeback against Chile, or the two goals scored against Spain by 10-man France in just 11 minutes for the latter team to earn qualification.


In addition to these six modes, players will be able to compete in friendly matches both online and locally. There will also be 50 Skill Games, all of which players can tackle when EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil launches on April 15th in North America and April 17th in Europe.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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