Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Has Revelations

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 may be providing the closure that fans of the franchise have been after, but that doesn't mean that everything has been explained. Publisher Konami has announced new DLC for the game, "Revelations", which takes place within the world of Lords of Shadow 2 but places players in the shoes of Alucard, the "turned son of Gabriel". The DLC will explore and expand the game's storyline through events that happened before Lords of Shadow 2 begins.

Revelations Alucard artwork

As Alucard, players will be able to use new and unique abilities, such as the use of the Glaciem and Igneas powers. He also has vampiric powers that allow him to transform into a wolf or a swarm of bats, or turn back time. Drinking the blood of enemies will intensify his powers.

Revelations Wolf artwork

Alucard hunts the creatures of the night with little interest in human life. He waits and readies himself for the return of his father, as well as the forthcoming battle against Satan. Players must discover Alucard's secrets and reveal his involvement in the story of Dracula. Over the course of the DLC, the plot will unveil how Alucard is linked to his father's fate and players will finally learn the fate of the Belmont clan, all of which will set in motion the events of Lords of Shadow 2.

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Be prepared for the "Revelations" that will be unearthed when the DLC is released on March 25th. Its price is yet to be confirmed.
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