The Last Tinker: City of Colors Screens

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago is a game that is managing to fly under the radars of a lot of people. The colourful platformer draws comparisons with de Blob and Epic Mickey as the game's protagonist Koru seeks to bring harmony back to the land of Tinkerworld and the City of Colors that are fraught with discord. The campaign will take players through bleak landscapes in which Koru must restore colour and fight the Bleakness if he is to succeed in his quest.

Those who can't watch the trailer can instead feast their eyes on the large number of screenshots. While the sheer amount of red and green may be off-putting to those of you with red-green colour blindness, the game will include a colour blind mode to take care of that for you.

14/3/14 Screen 1

14/3/14 Screen 2

14/3/14 Screen 3

14/3/14 Screen 4

14/3/14 Screen 5

14/3/14 Screen 6

14/3/14 Screen 7

14/3/14 Screen 8

14/3/14 Screen 9

14/3/14 Screen 10

14/3/14 Screen 11

14/3/14 Screen 12

14/3/14 Screen 13

14/3/14 Screen 14

14/3/14 Screen 15

14/3/14 Screen 16

14/3/14 Screen 17

14/3/14 Screen 18

14/3/14 Screen 19

14/3/14 Screen 20

14/3/14 Screen 21

The game has been confirmed to be released on consoles this summer. Previously confirmed for digital release on the Xbox 360, there is a possibility that the game may instead make the jump to the Xbox One now that developer Mimimi Productions has been confirmed as part of the ID@Xbox scheme.
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