Current Ratio Problem

By Rich Stone, 4 years ago
Morning all

I trust most of you are either tucked up in bed or engrossed in Titanfall right now, but if you are here on TA you may have noticed that most of the games and achievements have suddenly dropped to a 1 ratio.

I was working on some code to improve the speed of the site recalculations yesterday (which worked, yay!), with the intention of not having any knock-on effects (which didn't work, booo!).

I'm just re-running the site recalculations now, everything should be back to normal within a few hours, hopefully before most of you get up!

Cheers, and apologies, and have a great weekend!


EDIT: Also, just paused the scanners while I get this sorted

EDIT2: Achievements fixed, Scanners unpaused. Gamers being recalculated now.

EDIT3: All back to normal, thanks!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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