Zen Studios Announces Three Xbox One Games

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Last December, Zen Studios was one of the first 33 developers to be confirmed to be self-publishing upcoming titles as part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox scheme. At the time, we predicted that this was probably a sign that the long-forgotten Pinball FX3 would see the light of day. While we weren't entirely wrong, we didn't really expect the studio's latest announcement either.

For nearly seven years, pinball fans have been notching up high scores on Zen's Pinball FX franchise. With over 50 tables available in Pinball FX2, players were never short on choice. Now that the Xbox One has arrived, the lack of pinball on this platform has surely been noticed. Fret no longer dear pinball wizards as Pinball FX2 will now be making its way onto Microsoft's latest console. While the developer hasn't confirmed whether all of the previously released tables will be available in this version of the game, they have stated that they are "deeply committed to releasing new pinball tables based on amazing themes like Marvel, Star Wars and Plants vs. Zombies". They also teased that there will be new tables based on IPs that they are yet to announce, so expect some surprises over the next few months.

Tower defence is also a genre that is currently absent on the Xbox One. While Hidden Path Entertainment announced Defense Grid 2 for the console, a release seems far from imminent. Zen aims to fill this gap as well as players will now be able to storm castles again with CastleStorm – Definitive Edition. To make this title truly definitive for the next-generation, new battles, game modes, spells and other gameplay features will be added to make it stand out from the original version that was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade back in May 2013. While none of these features are on show, you can watch a flying Viking ship floating over several of the game's environments instead.

Maybe you'll find the screenshots a little less teasing...



Have you ever wanted to mix martial arts and music together for a title that didn't look like Snoop Dogg Cat Fish Lion decided to take on PaRappa the Rapper? Well, have we got the title for you. Making its debut on the Xbox One is Kickbeat - Special Edition, a special version of the game that may be familiar to those of you with a Playstation 3 or Vita. Players are surrounded by enemies and the only way to defeat them is to match your moves to the beat of the music. Featured artists include the more famous names such as Pendulum and Marilyn Manson, indie bands like Celldweller and Blue Stahli, and underground talents like electronic music producer Voicians and Taiwanese rapper Shen Yi. The Special Edition will include extra soundtracks and "other enhancements" that will be added to the game's campaign. Take a look at the launch trailer for the standard version of the title to get a grasp of what to expect.

Those of you that can't watch the trailer can take a glance at these screenshots instead:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

More details for the three titles are expected to appear before the games are released in "the coming months", so stay tuned!
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Written by Rebecca Smith
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