World of Tanks Limited Time Bundles Available

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Some World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition players will prefer to grind through the game, becoming legendary tank operators and earning all of their upgrades through nothing but gameplay. Others prefer to take the quicker route and use real currency to purchase upgrades for thier vehicles. If you fall into the latter category then you may be interested in the two special bundles that are now available for a limited amount of time.

For a price of 14,300 Gold, players can purchase the King of the Jungle bundle. In this bundle, players will get a tier 8 Löwe, a German heavy tank, as well as 50 8.8cm AP Composite-Rigid Pzgr 40 L1 shells. Alternatively, for a price of 13,900 Gold, players can purchase the Heavy Metal bundle. In this bundle, players will get a tier 8 T34, an American heavy tank, as well as 50 4.72" AP Composite-Rigid APCR T62 shells. If this doesn't sound like much, this is because both bundles also include an extra garage slot, a crew with a 100% training level, and 30 days of Premium membership where players are awarded a 50% increase in XP and credits.

These bundles are a limited time offer. They're available from now until 23:59 PDT on March 31st. The bundles arrive just in time for the game's Map Madness. Once the community has destroyed a set number of tanks, will unlock new maps for the game. The first map, Lakeville, will be unlocked when the community destroys 10 million tanks. Here is a look at the urban warfare that will greet you if this map is unlocked.

This summer map features an isolated mountain valley to the west and city blocks to the east. A large lake in the middle gives long-range weapons a clear field of fire. For success, your team will have to balance your strategy between the valley and the city without committing too many forces to one area.
Lakeview 1

Lakeview 2

Lakeview 3

Lakeview 4

Lakeview 5

Lakeview 6

Lakeview 7

Lakeview 8

Lakeview 9

Lakeview 10

If the community destroys 25 million tanks, the second map will be unlocked. El Halluf promises to be dusty and hot.

El Halluf is a desert map featuring a rocky valley with sparse vegetation. A small village surrounds a dried-out river bed, and large hills on either side of the valley provide opportunities for cover and positions for snipers.
El Halluf 1

El Halluf 2

El Halluf 3

El Halluf 4

El Halluf 5

El Halluf 6

El Halluf 7

El Halluf 8

El Halluf 9

El Halluf 10

Finally, if the community destroys 40 million tanks, the previously serene environment of Prokhorovka awaits you.

Prokhorovka is a mostly open map with numerous hills and trees. Near the middle of the map is a railroad that runs down the length of the map. It has three crossings, and across the tracks is a small village overlooked by a large hill. Battles can flare up at any one of these points, so sticking together is extra important on this map.
Prokhorovka 1

Prokhorovka 2

Prokhorovka 3

Prokhorovka 4

Prokhorovka 5

Prokhorovka 6

Prokhorovka 7

Prokhorovka 8

Prokhorovka 9

Prokhorovka 10

Map Madness runs until March 24th, so its time to start contributing if you want to see new battlefields.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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