Ultra Street Fighter IV Introduces Decapre

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Poison, Rolento, Elena, and Hugo have all already been introduced as new and upcoming warriors in Capcom's Ultra expansion for Super Street Fighter IV. In this newly released trailer, they manage to all sneak in the video limelight again and show off their fighting skills briefly. The main focus of this trailer, however, is the introduction of the newly announced character to be featured in the game, Decapre.

Decapre is one of Bison's many dolls and she looks very much like another fighter from the roster, Cammy. As are the rest of the dolls, Decapre has been brainwashed and is controlled by Bison's "Psycho Drive". She is completely loyal to M. Bison and will let no harm come to him. Fortunately for Decapre, she doesn't need the other dolls or Bison to back her up in battle. Packing a black mask and two claws within her gloves, similar to Vegas but shorter, Decapre is going to be one hell of a threat to all the other fighters and she can certainly hold her own.

Decapre Art 2

Decapre Art 01

There's also some screens to take a good look at as Decapre is chosen from the player selection menu and then goes on to square off and pummel the legendary Ryu with an assortment of kicks and punches:

Decapre vs Ryu 01

Decapre vs Ryu 2

Decapre vs Ryu 3

Decapre vs Ryu 4

Decapre vs Ryu 5

Decapre vs Ryu 6

Decapre vs Ryu 7

Decapre vs Ryu 8

Decapre vs Ryu 9

Decapre vs Ryu 10

Players can assume full control of Decapre when the Ultra expansion for Street Fighter IV releases in June this year for US$14.99 / €14.99. A full retail version will also be scheduled for release in August that contains all previously-released material at a price of US$39.99 / €39.99. Prices in other regions are still yet to be confirmed.
Ashley Woodcock
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