Meet the Greyhound One Roster in State of Decay

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Players will be taking control of the recently detailed Greyhound One unit in the upcoming "Lifeline" DLC in State of Decay. The particular group of soldiers are far from your average guys and girls though, as they all come with their own back story and, of course, will be making a new story once the DLC is released.

Undead Labs have released details on each of the characters from the Greyhound One unit as well as your average, personality-less lost soldier. The "lost soldiers" are as they are called; lost. Stranded and alone, the Greyhound One team are the only team to still have its roster intact. Many other units have not been as lucky and will send out distress calls in a hope to be found. Once found and saved, these soldiers will now have a new-found chance to turn their life around so to speak and it's up to you how you want to craft them into interesting and unique soldiers of war. Or, you could just send them to a quick and painful exit straight out of the game.

Check out the list of characters and see who you would want to survive the most:

Major Alicia Hawkes

State of Decay - The Greyhound One: Hawkes

Hawkes is the Marcus of State of Decay: Lifeline — the leader whose confidence and strength sees everyone else through the crisis, as long as she keeps breathing.Hawkes

Hawkes grew up all over the world, following her military father from one assignment to the next. She grew up with a passion for military service, and is a true believer in the Army, and in the values of a soldier.

She served multiple tours throughout the war in Afghanistan, before returning stateside as the war drew down. Her unit looks up to her with the kind of real respect that can only be earned by a good leader in the field.
Sergeant Kilohana “Kilo” Young

State of Decay - The Greyhound One: Kilo

Kilo’s father is Korean and his mother is Hawaiian, so he considers himself the ultimate expression of the American dream — people from different cultures coming together to make something new.

As a child, he was a little hellion, but his parents helped him channel his energy into meditation and introspection, focusing him into the serene, compassionate man that you see today.

Kilo places a huge amount of value on his family — his parents, his grandparents, his cousins, and especially his wife and three daughters. His bunk is covered with pictures and letters and drawings, and though he doesn’t talk all that much, when he does, his favorite subject is his kids.

Kilo has served with Hawkes since she was a new lieutenant in Afghanistan, and they have come to really trust and understand each other.
Private Royell “Vince” Vincent

State of Decay - The Greyhound One: Vince

Vince joined the Army for a second chance. He completely bombed his way through high school — not because he couldn’t do the work, but because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He has a deep-rooted disregard for authority, and does and says pretty much whatever he wants, without anything like a filter.

And so he joined the Army? Yeah, he’s starting to wonder about that, too.

But despite all the discipline problems, Vince has become sort of the voice of the unit, saying the things that everybody’s thinking, but that nobody else wants to speak out loud.

Kilo and Hawkes give him a hard time for his attitude, but they've learned that the same devil-may-care attitude that makes him a discipline problem also makes him a fearless warrior. They wouldn't trade him for anyone else.
Sergeant Kelly “Sasquatch” Eldridge

State of Decay - The Greyhound One: Sasquatch

Eldridge grew up in backwoods Kentucky, where he got tired of being smarter than all of his brothers. He went to a top university, graduated with honors, and then went into the only line of work he ever had any interest in — special operations, deep behind enemy lines.

As a hardcore operator, he’s been down range so long, he no longer fits into civilian life, or even regular Army life. He’s a new kind of beast, and he knows it. He has a level of comfort with danger and death that would make even most veterans shudder.

And now he’s very quickly become one of the military’s foremost experts on killing zombies…which means he’s stuck in this unit of grunts who have no idea what he’s seen, or what he’s capable of.
Vienna Cho

State of Decay - The Greyhound One: Vienna

Not every character in Lifeline is a soldier. Calling herself the last voice of Danforth, radio host Vienna Cho has taken to the airwaves, standing up for the civilians who are still hiding out in the city — left behind by the Army during its tactical retreat.

Vienna is no fan of the military. The time Hawkes spent on deployment, Vienna spent at anti-war rallies. But as sarcastic as she gets, what Vienna really values is people who put other people first. If you want to make a difference to the people of Danforth, and save as many as you can, then Vienna will be on your side.
Colonel Peel will be leading the team from the safety of HQ. Although it may seem like his job would be easy, the Colonel is under immense pressure as the chances of winning the never-ending battle against the zombies are dropping at a rapid rate. Using the call sign "Doghouse Actual", Greyhound One maybe the last chance the colonel and the city has.

A release date and price is still yet to be confirmed for State of Decay's "Lifeline" DLC.
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