BlazBlue:Continuum Shift Limited Edition Announced

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
BlazBlue will get the three edition treatment at its upcoming retail release. The three options staring back at you from the retail shelf will be the Standard Edition, Limited Edition, or a "specially created" Fan's Edition.

The Standard Edition will feature artwork, commissioned by Arc System Works and Zen United, by Marvel and Udon artist, Alvin Lee. This artwork was created specifically for this edition as something special to consumers.

The Limited Editions will include the following:
* A 96 page art book including artwork and concept sketches never before seen outside Arc System Works, as well as unique pieces created specifically for the EU release.
* A collection of eight beautiful art cards featuring stunning illustrations from Arc System Work’s BlazBlue universe. Each card will also display special moves, distortions and combos for characters in the expanded Continuum Shift roster.
External image

Finally, the "specially created" Fan's Edition will have the following to drool over:
* The Limited Edition version.
* Makoto Playable Character DLC.
* Noel ‘Nendoroid’ Figurine.
* Limited Edition art print by renowned artist Alvin Lee.
I am not sure how Neol feels about being called a figurine, I would have gone with action figure, but to each their own.

Just a note, there will only be 500 copies of the Fan's Edition available and they can only be purchased through Zen United's website (external link). To add insult to injury it will only be available to Europeans. Start up some bartering!

The game is out aleady in Japan and North America. These editions hit European shelves October 28.