Microsoft Confirms 25 ID@Xbox Titles Part 2

By Rebecca Smith,
Following on from the first 17 titles to be revealed as part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox display at San Francisco's GDC, we continue the list with the final eight titles.


4gency isn't a studio that players will have encountered before on consoles. They've developed for mobiles and tablets, but their newest title has a bigger target in its sight. Hoping to woo Xbox One gamers, their "space-themed strategy game" aims to sift the treasure from the junk... literally.

In the future, players will find themselves in orbit around an Earth that has been ravaged by unknown forces. To survive in space, you must sort through the debris that is floating around the planet and use it to construct a base that can sustain life. Your team of engineers can salvage and construct, but the harsh environment means that the limited resources must be carefully manage or you risk death for you and your team. Enemies will attack your space station and you must defend yourself using weapons that you have crafted too. Will you survive? More to the point, will you discover how Earth came to be in its current state?

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Hyper Light Drifter

Heart Machine are a new studio and Hyper Light Drifter is their first title. The action RPG draws inspiration from the classic 8-bit and 16-bit games for its visuals while keeping modern game mechanics and a scale that could only be achieved on today's consoles.

A lone Drifter is gravely ill. If he is to find a way to cure his illness, he must travel through the lands of Buried Time, making use of the forgotten knowledge, lost technologies and broken histories that he will collect along the way. The lands hide dark secrets filled with blood and treasure and the Drifter must listen to these as he passes through, whether he likes it or not. Giant forests, massive floating structures and ancient ruins must be navigated. Large numbers of small enemies and small numbers of large enemies must be thwarted.

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Other Ocean Interactive have lent their talents to games across Xbox LIVE Arcade, Games for Windows LIVE, Windows Phone and Windows 8, so it only seems natural that they would take on the Xbox One too. Not much is known about their latest title, It Draws a Red Box, developed using ideas taken from Twitter of all places. Up to eight players can gather on a single console, split into two teams of four with the aim of winning a match of the "jumping jetpack future arena ball game". The arena consists of several platforms that players must navigate to defend their goal or to attack their opponents' goal. While points are awarded for every goal, players score more points when they are further away from their target.

Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut

Q.U.B.E. is Toxic Games' only franchise and they're finally bringing it to consoles. The game's initials stand for the Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, something that players must master if they're to take on this puzzle game.

When you first look at the game you're likely to immediately draw comparisons with Portal. Q.U.B.E.'s environments are extremely similar to the former title's test chambers. However, to escape from these chambers, players must manipulate coloured cubes to create aids like platforms and bounce pads. There are few instructions; you are limited only by your powers of logic and imagination.

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Riptide GP2

The team behind the XBLA remake of Hydro Thunder Hurricane returns with a similarly themed title. A sequel to mobile racer Riptide GP, the game places players on customisable jet-skis in place of the power boats to which Xbox players will be accustomed. Of course, jet skis wouldn't be much fun unless they were rocket-powered, so Vector Unit is calling them hydro jets instead.

Players must perform death-defying tricks as they vie for the top spot on these futuristic race tracks. In career mode, players can level up their riders, learn new tricks and earn enough cash to customise both hydro jet and rider. Dozens of events are available as you work your way towards racing legend. Of course, a racing game wouldn't be up to much if there wasn't online multiplayer too; this takes the form of races and VR challenges, the latter of which gets players to race against their friends' best times.

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Sixty Second Shooter Prime

After initially confirming that Happion Labs' Energy Hook would be making its way to Xbox One, the studio's one-man team Jamie Fristrom took the decision to delay the game by two to three months so that he could port his other title over to the Xbox One. That title is shoot 'em up Sixty Second Shooter Prime.

The original Sixty Second Shooter looked like a modern day version of Asteroids where players had just sixty seconds to notch up their biggest score. In the Deluxe version of the title, the targets will shoot back, some will be invincible to your bog-standard bullets and you will not respawn if you die. Use a variety of weapons and defences to chain a multiplier and earn that score. The latest Prime version of the title will include upgraded graphics, a new soundtrack, an infinity mode and leaderboards so that you can compare your score to that of your friends.

Deluxe Edition

Gateway Interactive is a studio whose latest title marks their first foray into consoles. The developer still refers to Spectra: 8bit Racing as their "Secret Dev Project" meaning that we have few details, although the retro-style racing game is advertised as a fast-paced title that will "test the limits of human mental endurance, rhythm and hand to eye speed". Chipzel, the artist who uses Gameboys to create dance tracks using the unmistakeable 8-bit sound, will be providing the game's soundtrack.


Darkwind Media has created a variety of titles for mobiles, tablets and PC, including science-fiction RPG The Harvest, but they are yet another studio developing for consoles for the first time. Their side-scrolling beat 'em up takes players on an exploration of ancient British history and lore.

In 120 AD, the Roman Empire had just seized control of the south part of Brittania. Now, they needed to march northwards so that they could conquer the rest of the island. Players assume the role of Caradoc, a guardian that belongs to the northern tribes that are aiming to stop the Roman Invasion. However, he has a power that he does not know about. Only when his tribes take on the might of the 9th Legion's 5000 men will he realise this gift.

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As soon as we get any more information on any of these 25 titles, we'll be sure to let you know.
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