Red Stripe Deals: March 20th, 2014

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
One of the more popular announcements at E3 was that DICE was developing a new Mirror's Edge title. Until then, you'll have to make do with either the original Xbox 360 retail titles or the Windows Phone title, the latter of which is conveniently on sale this week.

Mirror's Edge (WP) - $2.99/£2.29 $0.99/£0.79
Immerse yourself in the world of Faith Connors – an underground “Runner” who must bolt into action to stop a deadly threat in a “perfect society” full of sinister surveillance and relentless pursuers.

Run up walls, slide down ramps, ride zip lines, and hurdle between rooftops as you burn through 14 levels of increasing intensity. Think fast on your feet, engage in furious hand-to-hand combat, elude your enemies, and push yourself to the very edge.

Upload your best scores to the Xbox Live Leaderboards so your Xbox Live friends can compete against you.

Absorb the breathtaking graphics as you pound through a stunning cityscape flooded with realistic sounds, a pulsating soundtrack, and dynamic camera angles. You’ve never seen or felt a game quite like this.
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If you like your games to have a more sedate pace than the above title, SouthEnd Interactive's cutesy Windows 8 puzzle title will fit the bill, as long as you don't get too annoyed if you can't figure things out.

ilomilo plus (Win 8) - $4.99/£3.49 $2.49/£1.79

ilomilo plus is the Windows 8 version of the XBLA title, ilomilo, beefed up with additional fun levels, two exciting new chapters and three new challenging cubes. ilomilo is a puzzle game where the player controls two fellows named ilo and milo. The two friends always seem to get separated from each other in the surrealistic and ever changing world they inhabit, and the goal of each level is to reunite them. ilomilo presents puzzles where the player will have to use a great deal of three dimensional thinking to succeed. The world of ilomilo is made of cubes, and ilo and milo can walk any side of the cubes, as well as move cubes around. The player controls both ilo and milo, and will have to make them cooperate to unite them. ilomilo also allows players to control one character each, and play through the game cooperatively


• New cubes and creatures, only available in ilomilo plus
• Two new chapters continuing the story of our friends.
• Three dimensional Cuteness.
• A challenging puzzle game!
• Play co-op with your friends.
• Compete with other ilomilo players on the leaderboards.
• Supports gamepad, keyboard and touch controls.
• Includes a rare and still functional Ultra deluxe system.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.