Create Your Very Own Fable 3 Villagers!

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Lionhead Studios has announced today that you can create your very own villagers that could be imported into Fable 3, at a later date. Pre-ordering the game will net you a redemption code that allows you to later import your created villagers into Fable 3, once it releases.

The villager creation process is open to all. This allows users to create and display villagers via Facebook and Twitter or make them into a new desktop spread.

The process is fairly simple. Pick the sex of the villager, answer some personality questions, and pick some clothing. The trademark humor of the Fable series is present, even in this small flash game. I even went ahead and made me own villager. I called him King 'o Nadda, after one of the rabid fans of the TrueAchievements Newshounds.

Still not sure how the handle the Villager Maker? Not sure if you are playing the whole "God" role right? Lionhead has provided a nice littler video tutorial:

Villager creator can be reached via the external link.