Gamer Spotlight: Abylities

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Greetings and welcome to the latest edition of Gamer Spotlight! Today's special guest comes from the great European nation of England. Just to make sure he didn't get out of line, I reminded him countless times about who won the war. I hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it.

dropK1CK ninJA: Why the typo? I mean, come on, how hard was it to spell ‘Abilities?” Be honest, were you drunk when you made that gamertag?

Abylities: As I've been shooting online a lot, it's one part "Touch My Ego" with one part "I'm So Indie I Don't Spell Words Right!". Plus Abilities was taken.

I still believe beer was involved. Even if you won't admit it.

What first brought you to TrueAchievements?

I suppose the lack of a real gaming homepage - even while TA was young, Rich's (TrueAchievement) intentions were apparent, and he's done so much these past two years to realize his goal.

What makes you keep coming back? Has your reason for coming to TrueAchievements evolved over time? Since you have been around since September of 2008, a lot has changed... do you have a favorite feature that stands out above the rest?

Absolutely. While I visited out of interest, TrueAchievements is now one of the only gaming 'hubs' I use - news, community, solutions and personal tracking - I struggle finding a reason to explore other gaming sites! But really, I think stat-tracking is the reason I love TA so much; I love seeing numbers, being told how well I'm doing, racing others. TA delivers that in a clean format, along with so many great features.

Aw, you are too kind. I know that you only come here to read the news. We don't have to make it too blatant. We can include community and solutions in there too if it makes everyone else feel better, though.

Are there some features you’d like to see evolve or something you feel is missing?

There's always room for improvement, and I know we already have some great ideas, great staff, and are constantly evolving. I just hope TA keeps heading in the same direction!

I have encountered a number of your solutions throughout the website, and you do some excellent work! I wish my solutions were as well written and as helpful as yours. How do you manage to write so many great solutions? For community members looking to contribute solutions to the site, could you tell them some of your trade secrets?

Hell, I appreciate that! I must have a few botched solutions out there, but TrueAchievements is a site of quality - we're here to help each other, that's the whole idea behind the community! People should only be writing solutions on achievements they understand in and out - and I'm still removing placeholders that I'm not happy with. I have deleted plenty when a better solution has come along. I think the vast majority view this site more as a project that a service, and that's definitely a great attitude to take.

I noticed (Your first 1K ?) that you believe Phantasy Star Universe was your first 1,000. What kept you involved with that game? How did you manage to make it your first? Why not Avatar?

Phantasy Star Online was one of my favourite games, probably of all time! While Universe didn't quite live up to it's success, I think it was the nostalgia that pulled me through that story - and certainly, 1000G is a nice, round figure.

What is your most fulfilling 1,000 so far?

I'm actually notorious for getting to 700-900, but I think is probably the most satisfying one I've actually finished - only because it took me a year of playing online before I came back and mopped up the final few!

Okay, I have seen you posting in this little Pokemon thread (Pokemon!) we have here at TA. What is your All Star line-up that you’d take to battle your evil nemesis?

I'm old-school when it comes to Pokemon! Blastoise, Charizard, Mewtwo, Raichu, Dragonite and Kabutops. These crazy new age pokemon do nothing for me!

Bah, Butterfree would dominate that line-up!

Speaking of your rival from that game, what do you typically like to name your rival?

His name is Dicks.

I named my rival Job cry

This isn’t exactly a question, but a plea. Why did you stop killing pigeons in Grand Theft Auto 4? 90 pigeons, you’re awfully close! (Anger Management (Achievements That Have Made You Mad))

Oh, dear. GTA is one "I'll come back to" at a later point.

Any other games you’d like to come back to and try to knock out?

There's a list for sure, but the game industry's great at the moment, and I'm happy to just be trying a bit of everything.

The “Bean dive” (Bean Diving Board) seems to be the trendy thing to do now on TrueAchievements. Do you plan on partaking in taking a nose-dive of your completion percentage?

I'll be the first to say that my completion isn't astounding to start with! I love the bean dive concept, but my approach is more about playing whatever takes my fancy, regardless of stats. I've started everything I want to complete already, so I suppose I've already begun my bean dive!

I find it so hard now to play just to play. I find myself looking up a game's TA value when deciding on making the purchase or not.

I have to give you a thumbs up for this one (your music for gaming). I don’t listen to music either while I am gaming. I listen to the music provided by the game. I just don’t understand how people can do that. It seems to ruin the experience, in my mind. Can you imagine trying to complete “No Fighting in the Warroom” on Veteran difficulty and you got Hanson’s “Mmmm Bop” or The Weather Girl’s “It’s Raining Men”?

Ha, I only wish that was my taste! There's definitely some fantastic scores in games - the Final Fantasy series, Jet Set Radio, most recently Red Dead Redemption - atmosphere sure is a huge part of games. But I quite often just like combining two of my favourite things.

You have a solid list of retro games (The Classics). Is there a property or two you’d like to see get the “reboot” treatment or perhaps a graphical up-lift and a re-release on XBLA?

I am very excited about the prospect of the Sega/Dreamcast collection - Crazy Taxi, JSR, Powerstone, Sonic Adventure? By far some of my fondest memories of gaming. I'd most definitely be a sucker for ALL of those titles!

We all know that the only retro game that should be even considered for a reboot is James Pond. Anyways, that concludes this installment of "As the Gamer Turns". I am your host, dropK1CK ninJA saying "stay classy", TA.