Spectra: 8bit Racing Preview

By Chewie, 4 years ago
Last week we brought you the details of 17 titles being developed as part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox program, through which indie developers can self-publish their games to the Xbox One. One of those titles was https://www.trueachievements.com/Spectra-8bit-Racing/ac....htm, a retro style racing game from Gateway Interactive that promises to "test the limits of human mental endurance, rhythm and hand to eye speed". The news was soon followed by a video from GDC where the games where being previewed, in which we caught a glimpse of the game in action.

Today, we bring more details of the title and how it ties into its musical roots. Working closely with DJ Chipzel to create an 8-bit chip tune soundtrack, rather than simply slapping music onto pre-built racing tracks or trying to manually create the tracks to fit the music, the developers created an engine that automatically generates the tracks live by "reading" the music. Although players won't necessarily know this when they're focused on not crashing, the whole process saved a bunch of labour-intensive man hours for the team.

Due to the complexity of the music, the track can change not only on the horizontal axis, but also vertically, and the speed and tempo will determine when hazards pop up. Going at such high speeds on an ever-changing track means that it's very easy to find yourself losing control and flying off the track into the vast emptiness of space -- space that looks a lot like this:

25/03/14 - Screen 1

Luckily, the void can be a-void-ed using tricks that allow you to jump back onto the track if going fast enough or occasionally leap down to a lower level if an upcoming obstacle looks like it'll cause a headache.

Spectra: 8bit Racing will be coming some time this year to Xbox One. Look out for previews of the other upcoming ID@Xbox titles.
Written by Chewie
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