Fantasia: Music Evolved Recruits New Talent

By Ashley Woodcock,
New info has been released for Disney Interactive and Harmonix's upcoming title, Fantasia: Music Evolved; as new tracks are announced from well-known and successful artists, details are revealed on multiplayer gameplay and an "all-new realm".

The newly added tracks to the game come in very different flavours as we go from the bounciness of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" to the extremely catchy pop sound of Lorde's "Royals". There's even a touch of classical music thanks to Antonin Dvorak. Check out the short list of newly added songs:

• David Bowie - "Ziggy Stardust"
• Antonin Dvorak - "Symphony No. 9 from the New World"
• Lorde – "Royals"
• Nicki Minaj - "Super Bass"
• White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army"
In the multiplayer of the game, two players will work cooperatively as they team up to take down whatever music track they choose. Of course, the main aim for the players is to have fun. There will be plenty of different ways to enjoy the songs in the game as players will be able to choose "unique remix paths and discover musical interactions to create new melodies, beats, and more".

Fantasia: Music Evolved - The Hollow 01

Fantasia: Music Evolved - The Hollow 2

An interesting addition to Fantasia: Music Evolved, as seen in the screens above, will be "The Hollow", in which there's all sorts of musical madness and eye-boggling fun are to be had. Are you into magic mushrooms and fairies mixed with strange colours and shapes in a wonderful wonderland while you and your co-op buddy dance or maybe float seamlessly in your living room completely high on the joys of music, completely oblivious to the neighbours staring through your front-room window watching the happy times in motion?! Well, if you are, I'll leave it to Disney to describe exactly what will be going on in "The Hollow" in better detail followed by a trailer and a couple more screens of "The Hollow" itself consuming the dancer with its immense creativity:

Disney and Harmonix also reveal an all-new interactive discovery realm, "The Hollow." This mysterious forest environment comes to life as users perform songs and interact with the world to add light, color, and characters to the scene. From creating their own melody by sprouting musical mushrooms to guiding frolicking fairies through this woodland wonderland, players will be delighted by what they discover in "The Hollow".

Fantasia: Music Evolved - The Hollow 3

Fantasia: Music Evolved - The Hollow 4

Fantasia: Music Evolved remains set for an unspecified release in "2014".
Ashley Woodcock
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