Xbox One Reputation Notifications Coming Soon

By Marc Caccamise, 4 years ago
Gaming on the Xbox has always tended to be very social friendly, starting with the 360's simplistic friends and party system, which has now made its way over to the One. However, as we all know, from time to time you can run into some players who don't make the online gaming experience very enjoyable at all. The Xbox 360 first provided a way in which to leave reputation feedback on other players, and now the One has implemented its own version of the feature. Beginning this month, player feedback and these reputation levels will start carrying more weight than they have in the past. Thanks to Michael Dunn, Program Manager on Xbox Live, we now have a better insight into what these different levels will mean and how the system overall will work.

Xbox Reputation

"Good Players"
The majority of players will fall under this category. Basically, if you play for a lengthy period of time online, and don't tend to be disruptive or ruin the experience for other players, you won't see your reputation drop because no one will really be looking to report you. Microsoft also plans on introducing rewards to players who maintain good behavior.

Warnings for "Needs Work"
Warnings will be just that, a warning to players who are creating negative experiences online. If your reputation begins to drop due to significant feedback from the community, then you will start to receive reputation warning messages. These messages will encourage the player to have more positive interactions in the Xbox community. These warnings will be sent to players based on the community feedback gathered since the Xbox One launched last November.

Penalties for "Avoid Me" Status
Those players who ignore the warning messages and continue to be a nuisance to the online community will begin to experience penalties placed upon them. Specific examples may include reduced matchmaking pairings (more than likely being forced to pair up with only other "avoid me" players), and being unable to stream on Twitch. There was no mention at this time of how exactly someone in the "avoid me" category gets themselves out, but it would most likely have to do with a decreased amount of feedback notifications over a period of time.

For those concerned about players filing false reports, Microsoft has addressed that with the algorithm of the reputation system. Receiving a few bad reports over several weeks of play will not result in your reputation being that heavily affected. Additionally the system adjusts and checks for cases in which a false report, or someone who reports a player because the player was better than them, was filed. The system verifies whether the player filing the report was actually even playing with that player, and also checks the reporter's own reputation as well.
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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