Monday Night Combat Developer Video

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
I am curious as to how Monday Night Combat will play out. It looks like it wants to be a Team Fortress 2 clone only it wants to be smoother, wittier, and more violent. Uber Enterainment has posted a new developer diary that allows you to follow a 14 minute match of an entire match of "Crossfire". No, we are not talking about the old interview show or even better the old "board" game:

(I miss old awesome games like that.)

No! According to Uber Entertainment Crossfire is:
Crossfire is Monday Night Combat's six versus six competitive mode over Xbox LIVE. Both teams try to protect their Moneyball while trying to destroy the opposing team's Moneyball. Both teams have streams of robots that march mindlessly towards the enemy Moneyball and will jump on it and bring it down for players to destroy once they are escorted there. There are four Crossfire arenas.

That video above is really worth a watch. If you are on the fence with it and enjoyed Team Fortress 2, I'd encourage watching the video. It may help decide on that future purchase. I know if I have a bunch of friends getting it, I will get it as well. It looks like a really fun game.

Monday Night Combat will be out August 11th and set you back