Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Dev Diary

By Chewie, 4 years ago
It's ben a long time since Strike Suit Zero was first revealed. Back in August 2011, we brought news of the space-based mech shooter's announcement. Then things went quiet, until May 2012, when we confirmed that the game was still in development following a company buy-out and change of developers from Doublesix Games to Born Ready Games. Then, after a successful Kickstarter campaign that November to finish the game, it was finally released to PC in January 2013. The originally hoped for Xbox version looked like it would never materialise.

Then, last month, Born Ready announced that they would be bringing Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut to the Xbox One under the ID@Xbox program, which allows independent developers to self-publish games to the console. This new version will include updated textures and lighting, with particular attention being paid to the game's ships. It will also come bundled with a “Heroes of the Fleet” mission pack and two additional Strike Suits, Marauder and Raptor.

In a new dev diary, some of the guys from Born Ready Games discuss the many tweaks and improvements they've made for this Director's Cut, including the much more detailed ships and an expanded story with new dialogue. We also see some of the flooding the team experienced over Christmas and their determination to complete the game despite the damage:

We also get a two comparison images showing a mech and an enemy ship in the original version compared to the ones in the Director's Cut, following on from the trio we saw a few weeks ago:

29/03/14 - Comparison 1

29/03/14 - Comparison 2

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut will be released on April 8th on Xbox One for $19.99 (US) or your region's equivalent price. As we can see from the recently released achievement list the ID@Xbox games will come with the full 1000G and timed challenges that other Xbox One titles come with.
Written by Chewie
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