Flag Submissions are Re-Opened!

By Chad and Jessie, 4 years ago
Hello Fellow TA’ers,

Two months ago we announced the revamped New Achievement Flag System. As the Game Info team was diving into the new system and starting the cumbersome task of reflagging all 2600+ games, we disabled the flag submissions. The team needed this time to dig in, get muddy and really hash out some of the finer details that you can only get with hands on, practical use. I know some of you have been itching to get your hands on these new flags and during this time we greatly appreciate your patience with us. Well, the wait is finally over! I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve hit bedrock and we’ve officially reopened flag submissions.

Since we were revamping flags, we also decided to take a look at our flagging submission process. We’ve made a few adjustments to this process to make flagging submissions easier to find and more user friendly. First off we’ve moved Achievement Submissions, DLC Info, and DLC Achievement Flags to their own tabs on Submit Game Info page. Clicking on the Achievement Flags tab at the top of the page will direct you to the achievement flag submission for all achievements in that game, while using the DLC Achievement Flags will direct to just the DLC achievements flag submissions.

New game info submission tabsNew game info submission tabs

You can toggle between DLC packs by selecting the pack you want to view using the ‘Submit DLC Information’ box on the right side of the page.

New DLC info submission panelNew DLC info submission panel

We’ve also altered where and how DLC achievements appear on the submission page. From the Achievement Flags tab, if you scroll down the long list of achievements, you’ll see how the DLC achievements are separated under headers. If the base game has already been flagged, but a DLC pack has not been flagged, such as is the case with World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, using the ‘Submit flag info for this DLC Pack’ link, you’ll be directed to the DLC submission page for these unflagged achievements.

Unflagged DLC in the Achievement Submission ListUnflagged DLC in the Achievement Submission List

All of these adjustments should help assist you in finding and using the flag submissions feature.

Before you all jump in and starts contributing to the reflagging process I’d like to remind you of the Flagging Submitting guidelines.

1. Only games that appear on your gamertag will be accepted for submissions.
Achievement unlock requirements have become a complex beast, with some developers adding in multiple nuances outside of what is covered in the achievement description. Because of this, we have found that it has become very challenging to properly flag games without any experience in that game and thus we only accept submissions for games that are familiar to the submitter…this includes regional and platform variations. This means that if you’ve only played Angry Birds Star Wars (WP), you cannot submit flags for Angry Birds Star Wars (Win 8), Angry Birds Star Wars, or http://www.trueachievements.com/Angry-Birds-Star-Wars-X....htm. While some of the achievements may be the same across all platforms, what is required to unlock the achievements may differ and thus, may require differing flags from their counterparts. Again, only games that appear on your gamertag are accepted for submissions.

2. Only fully flagged games will be accepted for submissions.
If a game has never been flagged before, we only accept ‘fully’ flagged games. We will continue to accept updates or modifications to previously flagged games, but new flag submission need to be complete. Since flags features also appear for other areas of the site, like walkthrough overviews and flag filters, we don’t want ‘partially’ flagged games as this will be misleading to the community who uses these flags to plan ahead.

What is a ‘fully’ flagged game??? I’m so glad you asked. The Game Info teams considers a fully flagged game to have at least one the following two types of flags on EVERY ACHIEVEMENT:

• Connectivity Flag – Online Required, Offline Game Mode, and/or Online/Offline
• Game Mode Flag – Single Player, Cooperative +, Cooperative -, Versus, and/or Community

There is an exception to this guideline, as we do accept partial flagging submissions for the following flags: Unobtainable, Discontinued, Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable, Buggy +, and Buggy -. Please note that for unannounced discontinued achievements, we may have few weeks turnaround before applying this flag.

As always, we will continue to work as quickly as we can to handle all submission we receive in a timely fashion. Your continued patience with us during the expected large quantity of submissions will be greatly appreciated. We will eventually get to each and every submission, but please be aware that there could be a 2 or 3 week turnover on some submissions. As always, thankies thankies for your continued support and assistance with the sites achievement flag feature. toast