NBA LIVE 14 Achievements Fixed

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Previously, in NBA LIVE 14, there were some issues with the game's achievements. Due to a configuration issue, three achievements could be unlocked by fulfilling the wrong conditions, while one achievement was left completely unobtainable.

While we are aware that the majority of things that you are likely to have heard about today are a joke, this is not one of them. After developer EA Tiburon worked closely with certain members of the TrueAchievements community to identify the issues with the achievements, a patch has finally been released today so that these issues have been fixed. These achievements will now unlock at the correct time:

NBA LIVE 14No One is Left OutThe No One is Left Out achievement in NBA LIVE 14 worth 60 pointsHave every player on your team score in a single player game

NBA LIVE 14Seven Seconds or LessThe Seven Seconds or Less achievement in NBA LIVE 14 worth 197 pointsScore after an opponent's basket with less than 7 seconds on the clock in an online Head 2 Head game

NBA LIVE 14Fear the BeardThe Fear the Beard achievement in NBA LIVE 14 worth 136 pointsHit your first 7 three pointers in a row with a single player

This achievement is now obtainable:

NBA LIVE 14Block PartyThe Block Party achievement in NBA LIVE 14 worth 48 pointsBlock 3 shots in the same possession with any team.

We are currently unsure as to whether these achievements will unlock automatically for those who had already "earned" them, or whether players will have to fulfil the requirements again for the achievements to be unlocked. Let us know in the comments below!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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