Need For Speed: Shift 2

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
As EA attempted to filter the Need For Speed series down into 'specialised' areas, one outcome for this was the well received Need For Speed: Shift. The success of the title was undoubtedly in no small part a reaction to the move towards 'simulation' when compared to previous titles such as the watered down and identity crisis troubled Need For Speed: Pro Street.

Inside information from EA shows that Need For Speed: Shift 2 is in production and should be scheduled for a release window around January to March 2011. Chalk this up with the several other big game name releases we're expecting from EA and the calendar looks quite impressive.

Plus, don't forget we're expecting to see the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit reboot too (E3:2010 - Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit).