Kinect Sports Rivals Counts Down to Launch

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Kinect Sports Rivals was once a launch title for the Xbox One. Nearly five months later, the game is finally going to be released at retailers this week. Developer Rare has been counting down to the game's launch with a series of trailers that focus briefly on some of the game's main features.

We start with the Champion Scanner. Once the game has scanned your body, Kinect captures 93 measurements to build a recreation of your facial features, skin colour and hairstyle. If you're not happy, use 200 customisation options to try and create the perfect mini-me.

Of course, after you've customised your character, you'll want to head onto the sports field. In Shooting, pick your targets carefully for the maximum amount of points. If you start trailing behind your opponent, use your Target Bonus power-up to double your score and get ahead again.

Use forehand and backhand to get the edge over your Tennis opponent. Check out the Super Racket power up to add a bit of extra power to your shots.

Climb the wall as quickly as you can. If your opponents get ahead, pull them off the wall. If you can't get close enough to pull them off, the Blast Wave power up sends out a shockwave that instantly knocks off all of your nearby opponents.

Go for a strike in Bowling. If you're struggling, use the Meteor Ball power up so that it is harder to miss with the larger and heavier ball.

Pull stunts and avoid mines as you race through the checkpoints in Wake Racing. Your Force Field power up provides a shield so that you can race through mines without a worry if you are falling behind.

Pass the ball from player to player to get the ideal shot in Soccer. If you Super Charge your shots, you'll blast the ball through the defenders as if they weren't even there.

The launch arrives for North America tomorrow, April 8th. The rest of the world has to wait a bit longer as the game releases outside of North America on April 11th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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