The Elder Scrolls Online Enters Craglorn

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
While console players are still waiting for their turn with, PC players have been playing the game for a few days. Despite the short amount of time, Zenimax has updated the game with its first new piece of content, the Craglorn Adventure Zone. Players can enter Adventure Zones when their character reaches level 50. As well as adding extra areas to the world of Tamriel, the zones allow players to earn Veteran Points that can be used to equip better weapons and equipment.

To enter Craglorn, players must have reached Veteran Rank 10 and the exploration content is set up for groups of four players. Upon entering the area, players will find that the constellations have disappeared. Rumours abound of a group of Celestials made up of the Warrior, the Serpent, the Mage and the Thief, but you need to find out how they are affecting Craglorn. As well as the main storyline, players will find exploration side quests that can be repeated on a daily basis if you wish.

If you fancy a real challenge, take on the game's Trials that are made for groups of 12 players. Environmental hazards and a variety of monsters, including "boss monsters," are waiting to push your skills to the limit. Beat the timer and go for a high score. The best scores at the top of the leaderboards will result in rewards for team members.

Check out the trailer for more details:

Get ready for the challenge when the game is released in June for the Xbox One.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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