Happy Wars Gets Large Update

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Yesterday, Happy Wars received a fairly large title update that added a number of gameplay features and introduced new events in which players can partake.

The first change is the addition of Support Items, which are "consumable items that can be used to accelerate the growth of a character". These items can be purchased by using Happy Tickets at the Item Shop. ToyLogic has also added Item Evolution. Once an item has been levelled up to level 10, players have the option of converting the item into a more powerful version of itself in the Item level-Up screen. They also look cooler. Here's an extra tip for you:

If you level-up an item using the same item as a material, the item’s maximum level rises. Don’t settle for just one collaboration item – grab two, three, or four, to turn your special item into an unstoppable force!
Premium Memberships are now available. These award players with various bonuses and allow players to level up quicker for a certain period of time. As a result of these new introductions, the Item Shop has been updated too. While Support Items and Premium Memberships can be purchased from the shop, Item Sets are no longer available.

There were several new items added to the shop:

“Gunslinger Hat”, “Revolver Blade”, “Gunslinger Suit”, and “Justice Badge”. Also, two new buffs have been added to the game: “Lower Weight”, which decreases the weight of an item, and “Quick Rocketman”, which allows Warriors to launch their Rocketman skill faster.
New Items

Over the next two weeks, a series of events will be running to let players earn special rewards. The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition version of Bounty Hunters, where a team must earn a total amount of bounty money to win, is running until April 16th. Playing this will allow access to equipment items that are based on “Steve”, the game's protagonist, and the Creeper. If you have unlocked at least one achievement from Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, you are guaranteed to receive a Creeper item. If you are yet to start the title, you can earn an achievement during the event period and still qualify for your Happy Wars reward.
Minecraft 1

Minecraft 2

Starting on April 17th and running until April 23rd, the Castle Crashers version of Bounty Hunters will return. The rewards for this event are based on the Blue Knight and Barbarian. Like the Minecraft event, if you have unlocked an achievement in Castle Crashers then you will be guaranteed to receive a Barbarian item.

As well as the two events above, ToyLogic is running two promotions. Every player that logs into the game between now and April 16th will be rewarded with 60 happy Tickets to use on premium gear.
Happy Tickets

Finally, there is a new Happy Cards Limited Edition promotion with new items and "exquisitely selected top-popularity items". This promotion also lasts until April 16th.

The new content is available now.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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