EA's Online Pass is Redeemed 60% of the Time

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
EA just had their Q1 financial conference call and COO John Schappert mentioned that "sixty to seventy percent of online connected users" had redeemed their code from NCAA Football 11 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

The entire quote:
We are pleased to see sixty to seventy percent of online connected users redeeming the code. The level of online play amongst our user base is up from last year, and revenue from paid downloadable content is also up.
So is EA ready to declare the Online Pass a sweeping success and bundle it with all their titles? Not so fast, according to Mr. Schappert.
It’s too early to tell. What we are encouraged by is we are seeing more people play online on both of those titles, so it’s certainly is not holding them back. We think the extra gift, if you will, when you activate your online pass is driving some of that adoption.
I don't think sixty to seventy percent of consumers redeeming an included code in their game case is something of a success. Consider first that these codes were all ready given out free to new game purchases. Second, does that imply that 30% of their customers either have no internet or too lazy to put in a free code? Finally, I believe EA should be revealing the number of purchased Online Pass codes, total new units sold, and total used units sold (which would have to be acquired through a third party like GameStop). Those are the real barometers of how successful this movement is.